Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hello again

 Hi again all, It's not like I have any time for blogging since I have gone back to finish up at least one of my started degrees lol but alas I need to get back into better meal planning not only to finish up this semester but the holiday season as well!! This page is a work in progress so please bare with this bear while I re-learn some lost  planning skills as well as the few blogger ones I had once possessed.
So lets start with what's on the table tonight.....Spaghetti soup and rolls easy, cheap, and in my crock as we speak.
This week should go something like this to finish out our months groceries
Sun :: beef broccoli stir fry over rice
Mon:: hot dogs and beans (dads cook night)
Tue:: meatloaf and mashed pots with canned veg
Wed:: meatless spaghetti, canned peas, herb garlic crescents
Thu:: pork goulash in crock - new recipe
Fri:: beef tri tip again with mashed and corn
Sat::Shopping so probably $5 pizzas
Obviously, we are beef and meat heavy because that is what is available in my pantry/freezer and my next shopping trip is next Saturday.
I may list this with we'll see if I get to it as Mondays are my busiest days!!