Monday, August 16, 2010

Rest of August available menu

This is actually a working list of what we have available to eat for diner the rest of August 2010. We are trying public ed again (until we have another failure). I know why predict failure, well, past tells the future right???
For the ease of us to get back into school I expect this plan to stay in place. However, as always, I reserve the right to alter any menu at any time for any reason
17 Turkey roast, oven pots, green salad
18 Clara's and cantaloupe
19 Egg Sammy, cantaloupe, sugar cookies self decorated
20 Impossible Turkey pie
21 Dad's Helper
22 Chicken stir fry with rice
23 Hamburger patties, scalloped pots, peach slices, brownies
24 Pot stickers, re fried rice, shrimp patties
25 Chicken taco soup
26 Fast food or LO's
27 spaghetti, garlic bread
28 Honey mustard Chicken rice helper. pears
29 Turkey gravy over pots
30 Chili and cornbread
31 Turkey soup or ??

It's been over a month since I posted my menu because during summer we found we had different dinner needs that were too variable to document other than the whole month of available menu items. We often ate big early in the day then had lunch items for dinner. Hope your summer went well also.....Julie
PS:: I have linked this with MPM