Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Grocery List to finish October 2010

My Grocery Cart Challenge is creating a list and following through with the priority items
For the rest of the week we could use closer to $70 but I expect to have more like $25 so.....

at least a gallon of milk, $3* or $6
a box of cereal, $3*
a box of flavored oatmeal, $1.50*
a box of popcorn $2*
at least a loaf of bread $1.50* or $3
a package of lunch meat $1** up to $5
peanut butter $2* or 3
fruit snax $2 or $4
lunchbox goodies $2* up to $5
fruit/veggies $2** up to $10
bug spray $10
cash for lunch card $4*
* means priority ** means double it

November is upon us and I have to remeber to budget to have the kids home for an entire week at the end of the month along with the visiting grandkids I should expect almost daily and maybe a short visit from a few of the grown kids on a day or so that they have off from work and are not visiting their SO's families.
I did it!! I got my needed groceries for less than $25 to fill in for the rest of the week,till payday.
Hubs caught our 13 year old eating breakfast at school today after he ate breakfast at home 20 minutes earlier LOL Feeding teenage boys is busy work!!
I have linked this with GCC.

Rest of Oct 2010 menu plan

What I have left for dinners this last week of October 2010::Pretty much in this order but this is blogosphere not stone so things can change.

Claras, apple slices
chx legs, rice, green beans
peperoni pizza, busy green salad
pozole, cheesy tortillas
chx veggie fried rice
fast food
chicken veggie noodle soup, garlic bread
Halloween Pizza??

I hope to be able to get Papa Murphy's Pumpkin Pizza for Halloween and I suspect that we will go out to eat either fri or sat. If the paycheck is big enough I would like to do Casa Ramos Fajita Platter instead of fast food burgers.Or, If I get to WM for some groceries I might buy some shrimps and make our own fajitas! That actually sounds even better, and cheaper!!