Thursday, June 24, 2010

Menu Plan for the last 3 days of the month of June 2010

Well, it finally is here, the end of this month. Feeding my kids all 3 meals for the last 2 months has definitely taken it's toll on my pantry but I guess thats ok since were planning a move in August, right??

As it stands right now I only have to create a menu for 3 days then I will be shopping on thursday for not only the bulk of the month but for my baby's 11th b-day on the 3rd as well as a grown son who is turning 28

Mon::Crescent dogs, canned fruit
Tue::Turkey,cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, etc...
Wed::Chicken Taco soup or leftovers
Thu::Shopping so probably fast food
Fri::Papa Murphy's (We're having a sleepover)
Sat::Sons' #11& #28 B-day BBQ hot dogs and beans, etc...
Sun::4th of July BBQ chicken,potato salad, etc...

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Monday, June 21, 2010

3rd week of June and cupboards are getting bare

My menu this week is definitely coming from the recesses of my pantry and freezer. I need 3/4# hamburger to complete the meals I have planned for the next 10 or so days. Along with milk, cold cereal, salad makings, and some fruit. Total still needed for groceries may be $10-$15?? Gas-about the same??

made the turkey pot pie-smells yummy!!
OMGosh!!The pot pie was delish!!!I will do again!!
ham hock and beans with sweet cornbread muffins (W)
beans are soaking-Tues night
Everything a hit - no leftovers!!
Tamale Pie (Th)
Hubs makes this-he got home late so
we had eggs on toast with yogurt
hubs made tamale pie
ham/eggs over toast, F&Y smoothie (Sa)
chicken taco soup is now planned
frozen pizza and green salad (Su)
expect as planned

lunch meat,tuna, sammys x 2 (T,Su)
had these Wed and??
pizza tv dinners (W)
had these Tues instead
McD's mini meals (Th)
as planned - yum and cheap
bean and cheese burritos (F)
spaghetti-o's and garlic bread(Sa)

cold cereal x2 days (T,Sa)
hot cereal x 2 days (Th,Su)
pancakes (Wed)
sausage gravy over sourdough (Fri)

I will be posting this on MPM I'm #268 there read what hundreds of others are making for their families this week. I try to update daily what we did consume.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do not use lie!!!

We are traveling this week, half vacation, half research. I used to book my room because they say they offer price match guarantee. Well people, they do not offer this in reality. I will never use this service again!!!
I was told that $48.00 was the cheapest rate we could get, so I took it. However, when we checked in the rate was $35.69.
I called and all they would offer me is $10 back or a $30 hotel voucher for a full price room. I am not satisfied with that. I have been over-charged well over $20 and all they will refund me is a stinkin' $10 where is the price match in that?
I called them and it took 3 calls because their agents kept "dropping" my calls, really, they didn't want to deal with my issues so they hung up on me. Great customer service, huh??? NOT!!!
I have now sent them an e0mail and am awaiting a response but I doubt i will be responded to.
Anybody have a different story to tell about this service, please leave a comment and I will post it.
I wanted this service to work, I have several other trips to make yet I will be handling all my bookings myself.
Lastly, I know I am complaining about a measly $10 but it is more of the lack of service I got when I called to get my refund that has me peeved

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Week Menu

We're taking a mini vacation this week and going to explore the area that we are considering relocating to. Anyway, we are having a transient menu - lot's of PBJ's,

We are staying at a Wyndham hotel for $45 a night and they serve breakfast so we'll make sammys for lunches and be dollarmenuaires for dinner.

Mon::Salisbury steaks, mashed instant, mango slices
as planned
Tue::$1 menu
Reno Buffett - it was ok not OK!!
Wed::$1 menu
brought the CP with us so we had BBQ chicken sammys
Thu::Pizza, green salad
as planned
Fri::Stew, rolls
working on it right now
Sat::Chili Cheese Fries,mandarins
guys on their own tonight
Sun::Roast Beef Au Jus sammys, steamed carrots
Happy Father's Day

There it is, the menu for the week. As usual, anything can change at any time for any reason. I usually update daily, IDK how that is going to work this week. I plan on being busy but I know I will have a few minutes to get online in the evenings with my free wifi. I sure hope it gets warm enough for us to get to use the outdoor pool.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

For fun today

I'm trying this today with my kids, let's see if I really get the calls??

I wish I had taken a pic - my 10 year old was so smiley when Mickey was talking to him!! Yeah he knows it's a recording but he is also young enough to still enjoy some fantasy!!
It does also send them to go to a online game at Disney but for whatever reason my computer just does not like downloading their stuff or Nickelodeon's either. Oh well!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Menu plan for 2nd week of June a bit late

No shopping this week, just the menu that is better late than never as that seems to be my modus operendi this week. So, here's my menu plan for the rest of the week...As usual, I will update daily and alter any menu for any reason so keep coming back!!

Tue::Beef and bean Doritos nachos, mango slices
had as planned - good and easy
Wed::CP BBQ chicken over baked potatoes, green beans
In the CP already - YUM!!!
Thu::Ham and eggs over toast, F&Y Smoothie
had as planned
Fri::Salisbury steaks, rice, mandarins
will leave for guy by 5pm
Sat::Frozen Pizza, and green salad
guys on their own
Sun::spinach lasagna, garlic bread
Dad will make before I get home at 6pm

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