Saturday, October 17, 2009

last week of october menu

so for this last week of October I have left in my monthly menus salisbury steaks, 1/2 and 1/2 rice and steamed carrots, new pork CP recipe with fruit over egg noodles, tuna helper and fruit, BBQ drummies, couscous and canned veggie, a CP chicken entree with stuffing, CP pot roast with potatoes and veggies. I see that I plan on keeping my crockpot busy this week.

Su-CP pork with fruit over egg noodles
M-tuna helper and fruit
W- CP chicken and veggies with stuffing
Th-BBQ drumssticks, couscous and veggies
F- slalisbery steak, rice and steamed carrots
Sa- halloween out to dinner

This is definatley going to change

meal plan october 18 to Oct 24

Here goes my 2nd week of menu planning after a time off. It did seem to help to get back on the horse again in the meal planning arena. So this weeks I have planned so far to include

Su- BBQ pork ribs and potatoes with canned apricots (from last weeks menu)
M- canned veggie soup and pbj sammies(Church choir for Mom)
T- orange chicken over 1/2 and /12 rice, with steamed veggies
W- very banana pancakes and sausage(may exchange for T if AWANA)
Th- hamburger helper and green beans
F- chicken taco soup and rolls
Sa-BBQ salmon and lil corn, with fried rice

For this next week I will need a gallon or 2?? of milk, a box of cereal and some fresh fruits and veggies. I really want some cabbage but lets see if I can afford it this week since I shop at the local food for more store. I'm trying a no bake from scratch cheesecake for desserts and looking for a brownie from a mix recipe in a crockpot without a coffee can~~these choices are since I don't have an oven (We're saving right fix or replace that is the question!!!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

meal plan monday October 12 - 18

Heres what I created after our day-long-together-time-mass-shopping-event.

Su-BBQ pork ribs, BBQ baked potatoes, applesauce
had CP chicken parm over noodles with pears
M-tuna helper and corn
had as planned
T-beef tacos and fixins with pineapple slices
had porcupine balls with rice, spinich, and applesauce
W-egg muffin ham sammy with fruit & yogurt smoothie
time will tell but thinking lentil/rice burritos with pineapple slices
Th-porcupine balls with rice and green beans
so then tonight would be the egg muffin menu
F- tilapia, alfredo noodles, pear slices
still researching recipes but will probably do this fried since I don't have an oven yet
Sa-salsa chicken over rice
if not cold then BBQ the ribs,potatoes, and green beans

I noticed in my shopping I missed some fruits and veggies I still need some brocolli, cabbage, lettuce, pineapple slices, refried beans, and peach salsa. Also to round out the month I will need another round of fresh F&V($5) and milk and cereal ($5) so probably another $17.50 total.

Todays grocery shopping and together time

OK so poor planning on a saturday but we did our rest of the month grocery shopping today however, I think we did rather well. It was our together time as we left the kids with older siblings for the afternoon.We spent about $215 on food and $250 total. In that was 2 adult sized fruit of the loom hoodies from Grocery Outlet for $5 a piece one for hubby and one for son who grows out of everything all the time. We spent $79.92 $58.56 being food at Grocery Outlet $28.99 at Dollar tree $16 being food. $57.19 at Wal-mart $54.48 being food. This visit was exciting because my WM is changing from a store to a center and they got most of their freezer stuff in.Then Winco~the worst of it~we spent over $100 so I made DH take stuff back it was embarrassing but it needed to be done (we don't need grapes at $2 a pound) - (or 4 cans of chili)our final total came to $84.44 all being food. All this covers dinners for family of 4, snacks for a family 4 breakfasts and lunches for mom and dad all week but weekends for kid through the end of October. Also, stocked up on sugar, some seasonings and spent $20 at butcher getting some pork chops, ribs, and hamburger. what I still need for the month is a head of cabbage, milk and maybe another box of cereal like rice crispies so now the hard part after putting it all away is menu planning we start back to school on Monday and hit it hard through November so I need to be on the top of my game plan for best success I should soon figure out how to post in on meal plan mondays!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello all

Hi fellow blogspotters I have been lurking for awhile and have finally decided to try out the blog thing. I am here to get meal ideas, budgeting tips, and housekeeping skills. Maybe also keep up on some keyboarding skills since I am mainly a stay at home mom with nothing to do except my 2 hour a day job.