Thursday, November 25, 2010

That smell

Can you smell it yet? Your turkey cooking in the oven? I am starting to. I love this smell it evokes such nice, warm, family time memories. It does make me miss my Mom and Grandma because we used to spend time with my Mom's family at Thanksgiving. We would run around between my Grandmas and Aunt's houses carefree and knowing that food would be plentiful.......Julie

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey week menu plan

Well, we don't actually get to the turkey until the end of the week but it's all good LOL!! I can't wait for the sammy's. I even have a spare can of cranberry sauce to go inside the said sammy. YUM!!!
My proposed menu for this week is below but I do expect some changes mainly because we are on vacation this week and also I expect a few grandkids and my boys' friends to want to spend a few weekday night since we are on vacation.

eggs, sausage, pots, F&Y smoothie
Clara's, fruit salad
shrimp stir fry over rice
Turkey - Traditional Menu
Beefy rice, fruit slices
mixed tacos and go alongs
turkey casserole creation (1 dish wonder)

So, with my above statement, all item (except Thursday) are subject to change but also as usual they will not change much since I do plan for a month in advance since I mostly do big box store shopping once a month then using my local grocery store (Sani-Food - they have a great meat counter!!) a few other times during the month.
I have linked this with MPM I'm #148 along with over 300 other persons/families who are also planning their menu for health, finances, and convenience.
What is your reason for meal planning? Please leave me a comment on your plan and how you came to your plan this week as well how and why you came to meal planning in general. I'd love to hear from one and all, Thanks.....Julie

Monday, November 15, 2010

Whats for dinner November 15 - 21, 2010

It's Monday again already,time to get my menu together. We'll see how much we follow through this week.
As usual I will be updating daily with what we did eat. Also, I will be linking this with MPM along with over 300 other meal planners.'s my menu plan for the week.....

TV Dinners, grapes
as planned - easy
BBQ Chx sammys, cole slaw
also as planned - YUM!!
mushroom ravs with meat sauce, green salad
also with garlic parm sourdough bread
mixed tacos and go alongs
big box of helper
middle school grand kids over
shrimp stir fry over rice
patties, scalloped pots, applesauce, apple pie
have 2 of the girl grandkids
chx legs,potatoes,green beans
chx legs, stuffing, green beans, pineapple
still 2 girl grandkids here fall vacation
eggs,pots,sausage and F&Y smoothies
for sure this menu item will change
still deciding what to make as I have several choices
shrimp stir fry over rice, pot roast with pots & vegs, chicken taco soup

Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd week of November 2010 meal plan

I know I'm a bit late but I got the rest of my month together as well as my weekly plan. Things should be eaten as planned but everything is interchangable just in case palates or plans change

fast food
rotisserie chx, stuffing, peas
helper, green salad
helper, pear slices
rotisserie chx, stuffing, green beans
rotis chx burritos and fixings
soup and sammys
chx veggie soup and sammys
fast food for kids
parents going to a wedding
pot roast w/pots&vegs
as planned

My plan is to be updating daily with what we do actually eat. Also I will link this with MPM. Come on over and see what others have going on over there.

Happy and healthy eating and please leave a comment that you were here.....Julie

What cooking in November 2010

This is my Whats available for dinner menu for November 2010.

It should stay in this order for the most part but everything is interchangable except for the BIG dinner on the 25th and the LO's it provides on following days..

fast food
helper, green salad
rotisserie chx, stuffing, green beans
veggie soup and sammys
pot roast w/pots&vegs
mixed tacos and go alongs
chx legs and pots
shrimp stir fry over rice
TV dinners, fruit slices
BBQ chx sammys and cole slaw
ravs with meat sauce, green salad
eggs,pots,sausage and F&Y smoothies
chx legs, rice, peas
helper, corn
beans, rice, fruit salad
Turkey - Traditional America Menu
beefy rice, fruit salad
Clara's, fruit salad
turkey casserole (1 dish wonder)
chili, rice, mandarins
pizza, busy green salad