Monday, May 31, 2010

June 1st thru the 6th menu plan

I don't have one yet but I am on my way to go shopping to see what special deals I can find to further reduce our food budget to less than $200 this month. So, I'll get back to y'all alter this evening maybe even with some pics??? let's hope!!!.....Julie

Have any of you seen this site?? It looks interesting I think I might spend some time there to figure it out.

Shopping went ok. I always overspend when I have a hubby helper LOL. We spent $70 at WinCo, $12 at Dollar Tree, $50 at Grocery Outlet. and $20 fast food. I probably need another $20 for tp, fruit, milk and cereal to get us through 2 weeks. Then another $100 for the rest of the month would be optimal but I think it may be more like $50. This summer my family may need the services of the food bank. IDK yet but I did not make the money I thought I would before my job ended. :(

Don't forget to go over to MPM at Organizing Junkie. I'm #161 this week. Also, link over to Grocery Cart Challenge this week I'm #4 at the shopping round-up. This week over at Focus Check Friday this post is #2. I put this post up because one of my focuses is to keep a tight lid on our menu and, my pantry,it has to last us through the summer until we hopefully move.(Reno or bust??)

My menu is subject to change at any time for any reason but it should go as follows::

Mon::Fast Food&FFYS
as planned
Tue::Salsa Chicken over rice
chicken was too dry so made it into chicken tacos
try my trick it got great raves!!
Wed::Hamburger helper,watermelon
as planned
Thu::BBQ Chicken over pots
traveling today - fast food - YUCK!!!
Fri::Salisbury steak,rice,broccoli
will leave this ready for guys to eat
Sat::Fish sticks, fries, mandarins
Guys can open bags and cans - simple
Sun::beef,rice and bean burritos,salad
Easy to prepare when I get home at 6pm

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24 til the end.....

Hi gals, It's the end of May already.Today I've been reading others' blogs and I hope y'all have fun camping this Memorial Day. I however will be celebrating my 40 somethingeth birthday that day with my close friends and immediate family (maybe drinking a bit of champagne-he he he) My menu is pretty set this week as the food is getting limited or I should say less options...

Mon::Zatarain's Dirty Rice and orange slices
Zatarain's and pineapple pieces
Tue::BBQ chicken legs, mac and cheese, broccoli
Cheater Chicken Pot Pie my way
Wed::beef burritos,spanish rice, fruit salad
spaghetti,corn,garlic bread
Thu::chicken stir fry fry over rice
ham and eggs with f&y smoothie
Fri::spaghetti,corn,garlic bread
chicken stir fry over rice
Extra:: ham hock and beans (for weekend lunches)
Sat::cheater chicken pot pie
pork steak, mac&cheese, can fruit
Sun::ham and eggs over toast, f&y smoothie
Round Table Hawiian Pizza

Monday May 31 is my B-day so we will be going to Hula's --my special choice
I will be linking this with MPM at Organizing Junkie I'm #267 this week.
BTW:: This brown shows what we did have for dinner that night
From the store I need 4 more chx legs, a box of mac and cheese, a cake mix with frosting (I have a coupon for that!) and maybe a can of cream chx soup??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I could kick myself

While cooking dinner tonight the chicken legs were still a bit frozen so I figured I'd parboil then BBQ so I did! When they were parboiled I had Hubs drain them BUT...I forgot to put a bowl under the strainer and Hubs poured all that yummy broth down the sink.............And I so wanted chicken noodle soup tomorrow for lunch it's been cold and rainy here in Northern Cali. Oh well.....A can it is
BTW::I'm participating in Focus Check Friday over at A Slob Comes Clean.I'm #1 (well, at least there I am LOL)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Menu Plan May 15 - 23

Once again, life is beating me up so I have not kept up with documenting my menu planning. I will try to get back on track, albeit a bit early so at least this way I can check it off my done list LOL

Mon::chimichangas, fruit salad
CP chili, rice,milk&cookies
Tue::chx legs, mac&cheese,broccoli
Panda Express (disappointing)
Wed::CP Chili, cornbread, apple slices
Chx legs,mac&cheese,watermelon
Thu:: eggs on toast, f&y smoothie
frozen pizza and watermelon slices
Fri::frozen pizza, green salad
CP beef veggie stew,dinner rolls
Sat::soup and sammys
Sun::fast food or??

Don't forget #1-to come back for updates as I reserve the right to change or alter the menu at any time for any reason-and I do, #2-to link up at Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, with hundreds of others, I'm #244, and #3-I'm linking this up to A Slob Comes Clean's Focus Check Friday there, I'm #1.....Julie

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 3 to 9 2010 Menu Plan

First week of May. We did big shopping this week going to 4 stores. The local Walmart for basic household items $150.oo it was $180 I saved $30 using coupons. Dollar tree was $27 WinCo was $130. It was $160 something I saved over $35 using coupions. At my local food for more butcher shop for $20 for meats. I still need to supplement about $100 to finish making meals for the month including milk and cereal for weekend AMs, and a few snacks.

:::::::::The menu plan for this week is:::::::::

MON::hot dogs, mac salad, apple slices
TUE::McD's at 4 pm the oatmeal at 8
WED::turkey paprikas over egg noodles and cheese bread
THU::ham and eggs on sourdough, f&y smoothie
FRI::tuna helper, can veg
SAT::tamale pie
SUN::BBQ chicken over pots, broccoli