Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi all were back online again WOOHOO!!!

Hey people were finally back online at home so I can start documenting my menus again - for the least LOL -- plus my youngest is at it again doing online homeschooling as well I am considering some adult education - Anybody ever use Penn Foster??
OK well this week, my menu is going to run from Monday 2/13 through Sunday 2/19 I will most likely be linking it with organizing Junkie on Monday

Saturday:: Potato ham casserole - need recipe
Sunday:: Grilled cheese and cream of chicken soup
Monday:: Chicken and gravy over mashed, pears
Tuesday:: Beef and Broccoli over rice, mandarins
Wednesday:: Taquitos, mango slices
Thursday:: Stew and garlic bread
Friday:: Shrimp egg rolls, fruit salad
Saturday:: Hamburger gravy over steak fries, green salad
Sunday:: Chicken, mac and cheese, pineapple

Thanks for reading me hehehe. Hey Im having trouble getting a clip art to uploas - is this anything new here?? Again, thanks.....Julie