Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Review of Short Straight Skirt

Originally submitted at Roamans

Woven cotton/spandex twill. Machine wash. Imported.

  • Side slash and back patch pockets.
  • Button and zipper closure.
  • Back vent.
  • Abt. 24".

Love It!!

By mom2priceboys from Podunk, CA on 12/29/2010


5out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Waist: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Nice Fabric, Nice Color, Easy Care, Body Hugging, Figure Flattering

Cons: I had to go up a size

Best Uses: Wear To Work, Special Occasions, Casual Wear, Christmas

Describe Yourself: Casual Dresser

Comfort vs Style: Comfort Driven

I did order up a size based on reviews I am glad I did. This skirt is great I wore it with a brown sweater and my new slouch boots and tights for Christmas,Totally cute. I am job hunting this would be a great outfit for that. This skirt lools and feels superiorly made. If there were more colors I would buy more. I washed and hung dry - some wrinlkes but not too many. It is a nice basic wardrobe piece for all seasons.


My Review of Double breasted skirt suit

Originally submitted at Roamans

Woven polyester. Machine wash. Imported.

  • Double breasted skirt suit.
  • Shawl collar jacket, princess seams & mock pockets. Abt. 30'.
  • Back slit skirt with elastic waist; abt. 29'.

Plus size suits - double breasted skirt suit in size...

lightweight material and runs small

By mom2priceboys from Podunk, CA on 12/29/2010


3out of 5

Waist: Feels too small

Sleeve Length: Feels too short

Chest Size: Feels too small

Pros: Versatile, Attractive Design

Cons: Cheap Fabric

Best Uses: Interview

Describe Yourself: Trendy, Stylish, Practical, Budget shopper, Comfort-oriented

I bought for my 17 year old as she has several college interviews this spring. I have to return it because it is too small in the jacket It seems like I should have order 1 or 2 sizes bigger than usual. Material is very lightweight but that should be OK for spring/summer uses.Price was great. I also wish the jacket welt pockets were real pockets.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Review of Perfect knit tunic by All American Comfort®

Originally submitted at WomanWithin

Perfect plus size knit tunic flatters with ruching details at the V-neck...lengthens and slims with a fabulous fit.

  • Short sleeves
  • Straight hem with slits
  • 30" long
  • Washable cotton jersey knit, made in USA

Perfect knit tunic by All American Comfort®

Wardrobe classics

By Mom2priceboys from Podunk, CA on 12/21/2010


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Great Color, Versatile, Figure Flattering, Quality Materials

Best Uses: Going Out, Casual Wear, Work, Outdoor Activities, Travel

Describe Yourself: Stylish, Trendy, Comfort-oriented, Practical

These are the choice this year for the daily driver t's. The are nice and roomy, the classic fit I would like them a bit longer but they are long enough to cover the flabby part of my abdomen and while they are new I am wearing them as a tunic over leggings tucked into boots.
The v is deep but I am older so my chest has traveled south enough for it to be appropriate without too much cleavage.
I have washed both my white and black but did hang dry them to keep them nicer longer by the summer I will put them into the dryer for a more casual wear.
I would like to buy more colors and would recommend to a friend however, this item is already sold out.



My Review of Drawstring jeans

Originally submitted at WomanWithin

Drawstring jeans guarantee that you get a perfect, comfortable custom fit. We provide the finest plus size jeans, plus size denim and plus size pants for the price.

  • Back elastic waist
  • Front slash pockets
  • Drawstring
  • Topstitching
  • Ea...

My goal is to present an upgraded image

By Mom2priceboys from Podunk, CA on 12/21/2010


4out of 5

Waist: Feels true to size

Inseam: Feels true to length

Pros: Flattering Fit, Comfortable, High Quality Denim, Stylish, Versatile Style

Cons: Irregular Fit

Best Uses: Wear to School, Casual Wear, Wear To Work

Describe Yourself: Eclectic, Bargain Shopper, Casual, Classic, Career, Trendy, Sexy

I;ve been a stay at home mom who worked in my kids' school now it's time to get a "real" job so I needed to upgrade what I had economically. The jeans are a thinner cotton but comfortable. The black twill also comfortable OK for North CA winter but run a bit smaller than the jeans. I am 5'8 equal porportion usually wear size 24R but the twill I would order a 24T.I cannot wear heels with these but I don't wear heels so it's good on the inseam. Black twill needs ironing after washing and line drying the jeans do not yet they were dryer dried.
I will be ordering these and the shorts style again


Thursday, November 25, 2010

That smell

Can you smell it yet? Your turkey cooking in the oven? I am starting to. I love this smell it evokes such nice, warm, family time memories. It does make me miss my Mom and Grandma because we used to spend time with my Mom's family at Thanksgiving. We would run around between my Grandmas and Aunt's houses carefree and knowing that food would be plentiful.......Julie

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey week menu plan

Well, we don't actually get to the turkey until the end of the week but it's all good LOL!! I can't wait for the sammy's. I even have a spare can of cranberry sauce to go inside the said sammy. YUM!!!
My proposed menu for this week is below but I do expect some changes mainly because we are on vacation this week and also I expect a few grandkids and my boys' friends to want to spend a few weekday night since we are on vacation.

eggs, sausage, pots, F&Y smoothie
Clara's, fruit salad
shrimp stir fry over rice
Turkey - Traditional Menu
Beefy rice, fruit slices
mixed tacos and go alongs
turkey casserole creation (1 dish wonder)

So, with my above statement, all item (except Thursday) are subject to change but also as usual they will not change much since I do plan for a month in advance since I mostly do big box store shopping once a month then using my local grocery store (Sani-Food - they have a great meat counter!!) a few other times during the month.
I have linked this with MPM I'm #148 along with over 300 other persons/families who are also planning their menu for health, finances, and convenience.
What is your reason for meal planning? Please leave me a comment on your plan and how you came to your plan this week as well how and why you came to meal planning in general. I'd love to hear from one and all, Thanks.....Julie

Monday, November 15, 2010

Whats for dinner November 15 - 21, 2010

It's Monday again already,time to get my menu together. We'll see how much we follow through this week.
As usual I will be updating daily with what we did eat. Also, I will be linking this with MPM along with over 300 other meal planners.'s my menu plan for the week.....

TV Dinners, grapes
as planned - easy
BBQ Chx sammys, cole slaw
also as planned - YUM!!
mushroom ravs with meat sauce, green salad
also with garlic parm sourdough bread
mixed tacos and go alongs
big box of helper
middle school grand kids over
shrimp stir fry over rice
patties, scalloped pots, applesauce, apple pie
have 2 of the girl grandkids
chx legs,potatoes,green beans
chx legs, stuffing, green beans, pineapple
still 2 girl grandkids here fall vacation
eggs,pots,sausage and F&Y smoothies
for sure this menu item will change
still deciding what to make as I have several choices
shrimp stir fry over rice, pot roast with pots & vegs, chicken taco soup

Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd week of November 2010 meal plan

I know I'm a bit late but I got the rest of my month together as well as my weekly plan. Things should be eaten as planned but everything is interchangable just in case palates or plans change

fast food
rotisserie chx, stuffing, peas
helper, green salad
helper, pear slices
rotisserie chx, stuffing, green beans
rotis chx burritos and fixings
soup and sammys
chx veggie soup and sammys
fast food for kids
parents going to a wedding
pot roast w/pots&vegs
as planned

My plan is to be updating daily with what we do actually eat. Also I will link this with MPM. Come on over and see what others have going on over there.

Happy and healthy eating and please leave a comment that you were here.....Julie

What cooking in November 2010

This is my Whats available for dinner menu for November 2010.

It should stay in this order for the most part but everything is interchangable except for the BIG dinner on the 25th and the LO's it provides on following days..

fast food
helper, green salad
rotisserie chx, stuffing, green beans
veggie soup and sammys
pot roast w/pots&vegs
mixed tacos and go alongs
chx legs and pots
shrimp stir fry over rice
TV dinners, fruit slices
BBQ chx sammys and cole slaw
ravs with meat sauce, green salad
eggs,pots,sausage and F&Y smoothies
chx legs, rice, peas
helper, corn
beans, rice, fruit salad
Turkey - Traditional America Menu
beefy rice, fruit salad
Clara's, fruit salad
turkey casserole (1 dish wonder)
chili, rice, mandarins
pizza, busy green salad

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Grocery List to finish October 2010

My Grocery Cart Challenge is creating a list and following through with the priority items
For the rest of the week we could use closer to $70 but I expect to have more like $25 so.....

at least a gallon of milk, $3* or $6
a box of cereal, $3*
a box of flavored oatmeal, $1.50*
a box of popcorn $2*
at least a loaf of bread $1.50* or $3
a package of lunch meat $1** up to $5
peanut butter $2* or 3
fruit snax $2 or $4
lunchbox goodies $2* up to $5
fruit/veggies $2** up to $10
bug spray $10
cash for lunch card $4*
* means priority ** means double it

November is upon us and I have to remeber to budget to have the kids home for an entire week at the end of the month along with the visiting grandkids I should expect almost daily and maybe a short visit from a few of the grown kids on a day or so that they have off from work and are not visiting their SO's families.
I did it!! I got my needed groceries for less than $25 to fill in for the rest of the week,till payday.
Hubs caught our 13 year old eating breakfast at school today after he ate breakfast at home 20 minutes earlier LOL Feeding teenage boys is busy work!!
I have linked this with GCC.

Rest of Oct 2010 menu plan

What I have left for dinners this last week of October 2010::Pretty much in this order but this is blogosphere not stone so things can change.

Claras, apple slices
chx legs, rice, green beans
peperoni pizza, busy green salad
pozole, cheesy tortillas
chx veggie fried rice
fast food
chicken veggie noodle soup, garlic bread
Halloween Pizza??

I hope to be able to get Papa Murphy's Pumpkin Pizza for Halloween and I suspect that we will go out to eat either fri or sat. If the paycheck is big enough I would like to do Casa Ramos Fajita Platter instead of fast food burgers.Or, If I get to WM for some groceries I might buy some shrimps and make our own fajitas! That actually sounds even better, and cheaper!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A month long absence

Hi all, I realized I've been gone from here for a month. In this month I became ill, ended up in the hospital for several days, then after my release, while still recuperating, some of my test results came back and they were not good. They showed bladder cancer cells.

I go to a Dr on Monday in Napa CA and I suppose at that appointment we will decide further testing.

Upon the results of those tests/biopsies we will decide what treatment is necessary, if any.

I will update as I can.....Julie

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rest of August available menu

This is actually a working list of what we have available to eat for diner the rest of August 2010. We are trying public ed again (until we have another failure). I know why predict failure, well, past tells the future right???
For the ease of us to get back into school I expect this plan to stay in place. However, as always, I reserve the right to alter any menu at any time for any reason
17 Turkey roast, oven pots, green salad
18 Clara's and cantaloupe
19 Egg Sammy, cantaloupe, sugar cookies self decorated
20 Impossible Turkey pie
21 Dad's Helper
22 Chicken stir fry with rice
23 Hamburger patties, scalloped pots, peach slices, brownies
24 Pot stickers, re fried rice, shrimp patties
25 Chicken taco soup
26 Fast food or LO's
27 spaghetti, garlic bread
28 Honey mustard Chicken rice helper. pears
29 Turkey gravy over pots
30 Chili and cornbread
31 Turkey soup or ??

It's been over a month since I posted my menu because during summer we found we had different dinner needs that were too variable to document other than the whole month of available menu items. We often ate big early in the day then had lunch items for dinner. Hope your summer went well also.....Julie
PS:: I have linked this with MPM

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Follow me Friday

OK so let me understand this, we just make this post then link it back to Still on the Verge and then people will come back to read my blog?
So people, if you do come and read my blog, please leave a comment of your blog name and where you come from.I want to return the favor......Thank you.....Julie
PS:: This week is FMF#8 and I'm #33

Meals for week July 12 - 18

Getting my menu ready for this upcoming week. I have had to change some things from my original plan because we altered some menu plans last week LOL. As we already know I reserve the right to change any menu for any reason at any time.

Mon 12 Clara's Poormans' meal, fruit salad
have you seen this video? She's a hoot!!
Tue 13 Beef and Bean Nachos, fixings, grapes
Wed 14 Turkey and gravy over rice or casserole, green beans
Thu 15 Hot dogs, can beans, corn on cob
Fri 16 CP BBQ chicken sammys, KFC coleslaw
Sat 17 Hamburger helper, green beans
Sun 18 Frozen Pizza, Hearty Green Salad

I will be linking this with MPM at orgjunkie. Come over and read what several hundred other families are preparing this week. This week, I'm #173. I also try to update this daily after we eat or while I'm preparing

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Menu for the first full week of July

This is the plan so far, I am working off the month menu from here that I created after we did our mass shopping last week. As usual all things are subject to change at any time for any reason, I hopefully will update daily.
Also as usual, I am linking this with Organizing Junkies MPM. This week I'm #223. Come on over and read what several hundred other families have planned to eat.

Sun 4:: TV Dinners and FFYS
ended up at BBQ at friends with mudslides (yum)
had TV dinners for lunch 7-5-pizza and pudding is our fav
Mon 5:: Beef and Bean Nachos, fixings, fruit slices
meatloaf, potato wedges,corn on the cob
Tue 6:: Turkey and gravy over rice, green beans
chicken nuggets, sweet pots, watermelon
Wed 7:: Hot dogs, can beans, corn on cob
Thu 8:: Pozole, cheesy tortilla chips
Fri 9:: Hamburger patties, mac& cheese, steam broccoli
guys on own so expect as planned
Sat 10:: Chili cheese fries, can mandarins
guys on own so expect as planned
Sun 11:: Chicken Italiano, egg noodles, green salad
expect as plan:: to make when I get home

Getting to know you from MannLand5

Hi All I'm doing the "Getting to know you" post over at MannLand5 blog. It looks like fun!! Come see what other people said about themselves

1. What do you look forward to the most on the 4th of July? Having someone else man the BBQ all I have to do is eat. And no house mess, we'll take it with us to the BBQ party
2. Are you a hugger? YES!!! Just ask my embarassed tweenage boys
3. What is your favorite BBQ'd food? Ribs and zucchini
4. Do you like to watch parades? Macy's thansgiving is my all time fav that one I would love to see in person otherwise it's just too darn hot unless my kids are involved!!
5. Who has stinkier farts..boys or girls? Hate to admit this but I think girls when hormones are involved LOL
6. Vampires or Werewolves? Werewolves
7. Do you read your horoscope? When I see it I do
8. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate Brownie

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Available and Proposed Menu for July 2010

OK I think I have a pretty solid plan and have arranged these items to provide variety (Biggest pet peeve is any same item 2 nights in a row - I know - how crazy!!) Anyway this seems to go with our anticipated schedule.......SO FAR!!! HAHAHA plans always change don't they??

Sun 4 TV Dinners and FFYS
Mon 5 Beef and Bean Nachos, fixings, strawberries
Tue 6 Turkey and gravy over rice, green beans
Wed 7 Hot dogs, can beans, corn on cob
Thu 8 Pozole, cheesy tortilla chips
Fri 9 Hamburger patties, mac& cheese, steam broccoli
Sat 10 Chili cheese fries, can mandarins
Sun 11 Chicken italiano, egg noodles, green salad
Mon 12 Clara's Poormans' meal, fruit salad
have you seen this video? She's a hoot!!
Tue 13 Shredded Beef Tacos, fixings
Wed 14 Onion Chx nuggets. sweet pots, cheese stix
Thu 15 Meatloaf, saffron rice, corn on cob
Fri 16 CP BBQ chicken sammys, KFC coleslaw
Sat 17 Hamburger helper, green beans
Sun 18 Frozen Pizza, Hearty Green Salad
Mon 19 Hamburgers, sweet pots, corn on cob
Tue 20 Impossible turkey pot pie
Wed 21 meatless spaghetti, garlic toast,peas
Thu 22 Potatoes and Eggs, toast,
Fri 23 CP Chili, cornbread
Sat 24 Tuna helper, corn on cob
Sun 25 Au Jus Beef sammys, green salad
Mon 26 CP Beans
Tue 27 Broccoli Beef stir fry over rice
Wed CP Chicken taco soup,cheesy tortilla chips
Thu 29 CP Breakfast for dinner (pancakes??)
Fri 30 Chimichangas, fries, mandarins
Sat 31 Hamburger Soup, bread maker bread
I will post updates to see how good I keep my plan. I spent $205 at 4 grocery stores last week. I need about $70 more for the rest of the month #1::$10 for items still needed for main menu, and #2::$15 for each of 4 weeks during the month (total $60) for things like produce, milk, cereal and bread.
Breakfast and Lunches are where I am kind of lacking in both planning and quantity. However I have to remember that we supplement those menu plans with weekly $15 stipend, 1 meal of fast food once a week and finishing off or repurposing leftovers.

Lastly, I will be linking this with::links to come...

Friday, July 2, 2010

A few Coupon thoughts...

I am trying to have and keep the reasonable goal to save at least 10% off my groceries and household supplies with the use of coupons. So far, since I made this goal 2 months ago I have done it.
I am feeding a family of four - 2 adults and 2 tweenage boys who are hungry ALL the time!!! My budget for all food and household supplies is $400. To increase my goal and save over $100 is my next step, but for right now knowing that I am saving about $40 is great!!
I have joined a coupon train over at CafeMom. So far, so good. I'm sure I saved $5 with what was in there this time. Also, I have the assistance of my dear neighbor who gives me her Sunday coupons in her Sac Bee. I don't take that paper and she doesn't clip coupons so it works for both of us!!
A few things that would be nice is if #1 California stores offered doublers. I read online that is how most successful couponers really save. #2, many of the products I get coupons for are not available in my area, yet, (It shows up after the coupon expires). #3 I do some shopping at Grocery Outlet, they do not accept coupons - It would be super if they did!! And lastly #4, It would be great if more fresh products provided coupons such as dairy, meat, and fruits and vegetables.
Just a few thoughts. What are your thoughts on realistically using coupons?
I have linked this to Focus Check Friday I'm #3 this week

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Menu Plan for the last 3 days of the month of June 2010

Well, it finally is here, the end of this month. Feeding my kids all 3 meals for the last 2 months has definitely taken it's toll on my pantry but I guess thats ok since were planning a move in August, right??

As it stands right now I only have to create a menu for 3 days then I will be shopping on thursday for not only the bulk of the month but for my baby's 11th b-day on the 3rd as well as a grown son who is turning 28

Mon::Crescent dogs, canned fruit
Tue::Turkey,cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, etc...
Wed::Chicken Taco soup or leftovers
Thu::Shopping so probably fast food
Fri::Papa Murphy's (We're having a sleepover)
Sat::Sons' #11& #28 B-day BBQ hot dogs and beans, etc...
Sun::4th of July BBQ chicken,potato salad, etc...

I am linking this with MPM, This week I'm #193.

Monday, June 21, 2010

3rd week of June and cupboards are getting bare

My menu this week is definitely coming from the recesses of my pantry and freezer. I need 3/4# hamburger to complete the meals I have planned for the next 10 or so days. Along with milk, cold cereal, salad makings, and some fruit. Total still needed for groceries may be $10-$15?? Gas-about the same??

made the turkey pot pie-smells yummy!!
OMGosh!!The pot pie was delish!!!I will do again!!
ham hock and beans with sweet cornbread muffins (W)
beans are soaking-Tues night
Everything a hit - no leftovers!!
Tamale Pie (Th)
Hubs makes this-he got home late so
we had eggs on toast with yogurt
hubs made tamale pie
ham/eggs over toast, F&Y smoothie (Sa)
chicken taco soup is now planned
frozen pizza and green salad (Su)
expect as planned

lunch meat,tuna, sammys x 2 (T,Su)
had these Wed and??
pizza tv dinners (W)
had these Tues instead
McD's mini meals (Th)
as planned - yum and cheap
bean and cheese burritos (F)
spaghetti-o's and garlic bread(Sa)

cold cereal x2 days (T,Sa)
hot cereal x 2 days (Th,Su)
pancakes (Wed)
sausage gravy over sourdough (Fri)

I will be posting this on MPM I'm #268 there read what hundreds of others are making for their families this week. I try to update daily what we did consume.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do not use lie!!!

We are traveling this week, half vacation, half research. I used to book my room because they say they offer price match guarantee. Well people, they do not offer this in reality. I will never use this service again!!!
I was told that $48.00 was the cheapest rate we could get, so I took it. However, when we checked in the rate was $35.69.
I called and all they would offer me is $10 back or a $30 hotel voucher for a full price room. I am not satisfied with that. I have been over-charged well over $20 and all they will refund me is a stinkin' $10 where is the price match in that?
I called them and it took 3 calls because their agents kept "dropping" my calls, really, they didn't want to deal with my issues so they hung up on me. Great customer service, huh??? NOT!!!
I have now sent them an e0mail and am awaiting a response but I doubt i will be responded to.
Anybody have a different story to tell about this service, please leave a comment and I will post it.
I wanted this service to work, I have several other trips to make yet I will be handling all my bookings myself.
Lastly, I know I am complaining about a measly $10 but it is more of the lack of service I got when I called to get my refund that has me peeved

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation Week Menu

We're taking a mini vacation this week and going to explore the area that we are considering relocating to. Anyway, we are having a transient menu - lot's of PBJ's,

We are staying at a Wyndham hotel for $45 a night and they serve breakfast so we'll make sammys for lunches and be dollarmenuaires for dinner.

Mon::Salisbury steaks, mashed instant, mango slices
as planned
Tue::$1 menu
Reno Buffett - it was ok not OK!!
Wed::$1 menu
brought the CP with us so we had BBQ chicken sammys
Thu::Pizza, green salad
as planned
Fri::Stew, rolls
working on it right now
Sat::Chili Cheese Fries,mandarins
guys on their own tonight
Sun::Roast Beef Au Jus sammys, steamed carrots
Happy Father's Day

There it is, the menu for the week. As usual, anything can change at any time for any reason. I usually update daily, IDK how that is going to work this week. I plan on being busy but I know I will have a few minutes to get online in the evenings with my free wifi. I sure hope it gets warm enough for us to get to use the outdoor pool.

I am linking this up to MPM, I'm #277

Thursday, June 10, 2010

For fun today

I'm trying this today with my kids, let's see if I really get the calls??

I wish I had taken a pic - my 10 year old was so smiley when Mickey was talking to him!! Yeah he knows it's a recording but he is also young enough to still enjoy some fantasy!!
It does also send them to go to a online game at Disney but for whatever reason my computer just does not like downloading their stuff or Nickelodeon's either. Oh well!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Menu plan for 2nd week of June a bit late

No shopping this week, just the menu that is better late than never as that seems to be my modus operendi this week. So, here's my menu plan for the rest of the week...As usual, I will update daily and alter any menu for any reason so keep coming back!!

Tue::Beef and bean Doritos nachos, mango slices
had as planned - good and easy
Wed::CP BBQ chicken over baked potatoes, green beans
In the CP already - YUM!!!
Thu::Ham and eggs over toast, F&Y Smoothie
had as planned
Fri::Salisbury steaks, rice, mandarins
will leave for guy by 5pm
Sat::Frozen Pizza, and green salad
guys on their own
Sun::spinach lasagna, garlic bread
Dad will make before I get home at 6pm

I will be liking this to MPM at Organizing Junkie, I'm #316,Focus Check Friday I'm #x, and usually I post at Grocery Cart Challenge I'm #x there

Monday, May 31, 2010

June 1st thru the 6th menu plan

I don't have one yet but I am on my way to go shopping to see what special deals I can find to further reduce our food budget to less than $200 this month. So, I'll get back to y'all alter this evening maybe even with some pics??? let's hope!!!.....Julie

Have any of you seen this site?? It looks interesting I think I might spend some time there to figure it out.

Shopping went ok. I always overspend when I have a hubby helper LOL. We spent $70 at WinCo, $12 at Dollar Tree, $50 at Grocery Outlet. and $20 fast food. I probably need another $20 for tp, fruit, milk and cereal to get us through 2 weeks. Then another $100 for the rest of the month would be optimal but I think it may be more like $50. This summer my family may need the services of the food bank. IDK yet but I did not make the money I thought I would before my job ended. :(

Don't forget to go over to MPM at Organizing Junkie. I'm #161 this week. Also, link over to Grocery Cart Challenge this week I'm #4 at the shopping round-up. This week over at Focus Check Friday this post is #2. I put this post up because one of my focuses is to keep a tight lid on our menu and, my pantry,it has to last us through the summer until we hopefully move.(Reno or bust??)

My menu is subject to change at any time for any reason but it should go as follows::

Mon::Fast Food&FFYS
as planned
Tue::Salsa Chicken over rice
chicken was too dry so made it into chicken tacos
try my trick it got great raves!!
Wed::Hamburger helper,watermelon
as planned
Thu::BBQ Chicken over pots
traveling today - fast food - YUCK!!!
Fri::Salisbury steak,rice,broccoli
will leave this ready for guys to eat
Sat::Fish sticks, fries, mandarins
Guys can open bags and cans - simple
Sun::beef,rice and bean burritos,salad
Easy to prepare when I get home at 6pm

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24 til the end.....

Hi gals, It's the end of May already.Today I've been reading others' blogs and I hope y'all have fun camping this Memorial Day. I however will be celebrating my 40 somethingeth birthday that day with my close friends and immediate family (maybe drinking a bit of champagne-he he he) My menu is pretty set this week as the food is getting limited or I should say less options...

Mon::Zatarain's Dirty Rice and orange slices
Zatarain's and pineapple pieces
Tue::BBQ chicken legs, mac and cheese, broccoli
Cheater Chicken Pot Pie my way
Wed::beef burritos,spanish rice, fruit salad
spaghetti,corn,garlic bread
Thu::chicken stir fry fry over rice
ham and eggs with f&y smoothie
Fri::spaghetti,corn,garlic bread
chicken stir fry over rice
Extra:: ham hock and beans (for weekend lunches)
Sat::cheater chicken pot pie
pork steak, mac&cheese, can fruit
Sun::ham and eggs over toast, f&y smoothie
Round Table Hawiian Pizza

Monday May 31 is my B-day so we will be going to Hula's --my special choice
I will be linking this with MPM at Organizing Junkie I'm #267 this week.
BTW:: This brown shows what we did have for dinner that night
From the store I need 4 more chx legs, a box of mac and cheese, a cake mix with frosting (I have a coupon for that!) and maybe a can of cream chx soup??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I could kick myself

While cooking dinner tonight the chicken legs were still a bit frozen so I figured I'd parboil then BBQ so I did! When they were parboiled I had Hubs drain them BUT...I forgot to put a bowl under the strainer and Hubs poured all that yummy broth down the sink.............And I so wanted chicken noodle soup tomorrow for lunch it's been cold and rainy here in Northern Cali. Oh well.....A can it is
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Menu Plan May 15 - 23

Once again, life is beating me up so I have not kept up with documenting my menu planning. I will try to get back on track, albeit a bit early so at least this way I can check it off my done list LOL

Mon::chimichangas, fruit salad
CP chili, rice,milk&cookies
Tue::chx legs, mac&cheese,broccoli
Panda Express (disappointing)
Wed::CP Chili, cornbread, apple slices
Chx legs,mac&cheese,watermelon
Thu:: eggs on toast, f&y smoothie
frozen pizza and watermelon slices
Fri::frozen pizza, green salad
CP beef veggie stew,dinner rolls
Sat::soup and sammys
Sun::fast food or??

Don't forget #1-to come back for updates as I reserve the right to change or alter the menu at any time for any reason-and I do, #2-to link up at Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, with hundreds of others, I'm #244, and #3-I'm linking this up to A Slob Comes Clean's Focus Check Friday there, I'm #1.....Julie

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 3 to 9 2010 Menu Plan

First week of May. We did big shopping this week going to 4 stores. The local Walmart for basic household items $150.oo it was $180 I saved $30 using coupons. Dollar tree was $27 WinCo was $130. It was $160 something I saved over $35 using coupions. At my local food for more butcher shop for $20 for meats. I still need to supplement about $100 to finish making meals for the month including milk and cereal for weekend AMs, and a few snacks.

:::::::::The menu plan for this week is:::::::::

MON::hot dogs, mac salad, apple slices
TUE::McD's at 4 pm the oatmeal at 8
WED::turkey paprikas over egg noodles and cheese bread
THU::ham and eggs on sourdough, f&y smoothie
FRI::tuna helper, can veg
SAT::tamale pie
SUN::BBQ chicken over pots, broccoli

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchen Gourmet Omelet Maker (Fake GTXpress)

Hi friends,
Hubs just picked one of these up at the local thrift store for $2.50. It of course did not come with any instructions so I am wondering if anybody else has this or something similar and what and how do you prepare in it.

I am kinda thinking to treat it a bit like the GT Express and not only making omlets but cooking breakfast rolls and pancake type items also. Any ideas would be helpful, Thanks.....Julie

It makes life easier when you want omelet's but you are lazy - Kitchen Gourmet Omelet Maker - Viewpoints

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Menu estrangement

My menu this week has been a bust. We have had some different events happen on different days so everything has changed. I am glad however that I still did create a menu and now when I go shopping Saturday I will not have to get as many meals since I didn't follow the menu and have several items still available.
Payday is this week so I have to make sure we do not spend all our "disposable" (ha ha ha) income on fast food except for what I already have planned on Saturday when we are gone shopping for the afternoon.
Mon:: spaghetti, corn
In & Out burgers,fries and shakes YUM!!
Tue:: chicken taco soup, cheesy tortilla crisps
Hot dog sammys, potato chips and apple slices
Ended up needing dinner in under 10 minutes so
hot dogs and chips it was LOL
Wed:: LO's, FFYS, clean out the freezer of ???
Chicken taco soup and cheesy tortilla crisps
Thu:: out to dinner-family event
Event cancelled so IDK yet maybe LO buffet??
Fri:: out to dinner with friends
Don't have $$ for this event so pizza??
Sat:: shopping so probably fast food
this should stay the same
Sun:: depends on what I got at the store
More likely CP Chx noodle soup

I participate in MPM over at OrgJunkie and this post is #389. Link over and see what hundreds of other women are feeding their families this week

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Menu Plan for the last week of April

Hi all, it's down to the wire for the month and our options are VERY limited. Well, truthfully we could go another 2 weeks with dinners but all the goodies are gone (no desserts) I am glad it is not my chocolate crave week - what am I saying, it's always my chocolate craving week. well, without further's our menu...

Mon:: spaghetti, corn
Tue:: chicken taco soup, cheesy tortilla crisps
Wed:: LO's, FFYS, clean out the freezer of ???
Thu:: out to dinner-family event
Fri:: out to dinner with friends
Sat:: shopping so probably fast food
Sun:: depends on what I got at the store

I really am only creating dinner for 3 nights this week since we are going out 2 nights. Shopping on Saturday-for most of the month-so we'll probably pick up fast food later in the afternoon then make something lite like soup and sammys around 8 or so.

I have my coupons ready for shopping. I am starting to create my list. I again am aiming to the $200 limit on groceries with this pay period then I should have another $100 to supplement our menu in the middle of the month($50 each on the 10th and the 20th seems to work well for us). As a bonus, I am doing better with keeping produce in the fridge since I have been neurotically budgeting.

I need to start preparing for summer meals. June is upon us and I have no income for July and August maybe even longer,IDK. Our school district is taking 4 furlough days this year,so far. No school, no work. No work, no money. I would say "Taco Bell, here I come", but even those jobs are hard to get around here.:(

Well, thanks for listening LOL. I am going to be #374 on Organizing Junkie, come over and read what others are creatively feeding their families this week. And please leave a comment you were here so I can come over and read what you have to say.....Julie

Monday, April 19, 2010

1 cooking~1 cleaning

I am trying to figure out pictures so I thought I'd share this one of my boys. It was taken tonight 4-19-10 and I loved that I had one cooking and one cleaning. I mean what else could your Mom fantasy be?? Oh yeah, A's and B's on the report card, well, ya can't have it all!! HA HA HA
This post is a work in progress so things may be added and/or changed\
OK ladies, here I was showing you a positive pictures of my guys now let me show you them when they are left to their own devices LOL this is semi-disturbing but I'm sure you can appreciate it he he he Julie's boys and yes, please leave comments

Cheese, glorious cheese

Once again I was privy to the word of mouth sale at my local cheese factory, Rumiano Cheese Company. I got 8 pounds of cheese for $8. Yep, you read that right $8. So yummy!! I picked up 2 - 2 pound packages of jack already sliced, 4-4oz of Motz, 6-4 oz sliced Colby jack, 2-4 oz of sliced Swiss and 4 of medium cheddar. Grilled cheese is so on the menu especially since I have sourdough french bread for $1 a loaf at the dollar tree and it usually has about 30 slices. My neighbor called us at 7 am to tell us today was the day so before 10 am after my first shift I was there!!! I am so glad. They do this once every 3 months so the next one should be towards the middle of July which will come in handy because that is when all the kids and grandkids will be home from school for summer and feeding everybody gets so expensive (like I need to tell y'all that, right?? ha ha)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Menu Plan April 19th - 25th

Hi people, It has been a few weeks since participating in the weekly menu posting because we had spring break and 2 school furlough days off so I did not get to use the computer much as the kids took control of all electronic devices LOL, then it came down with a virus, again thanks to the kids' games. I am hoping that I finally got it but I was without the 'puter for over a week LOL serious withdrawals!!! So, onto the planning of the menu.

Mon:: porcupine balls and rice with green beans
Tue:: turkey veggie soup and garlic bread
Wed:: ham and eggs over toast
Thu:: turkey veggie casserole
Fri:: chili and cornbread
Sat:: CP BBQ chicken over rice
Sun:: pozole and cheesy tortillas

Last time shopping (on the 9th) I got a HUGE turkey for $8 so we have had turkey and potatoes for a few dinners, sammys for lunches and tonight burritos. I am trying to make a stock for soup but I used too much water and it is very plain. I have added in a few chicken bouillon cubes to help it and I will be making a full meat, veggie and pasta soup Tuesday afternoon for dinner that night. Ya know, just add in some veggies for a few hours then add back in the meat and some noodles then voila dinner is served!!

This is the part of our month where we eat from our cupboards. I have spent about $280 on groceries so far this month and have $20 next Friday to get us some more milk, cereal and fresh produce OK, OK and I will admit a few 2 liters of soda and some dessert makings also.

We are getting used to shopping without food stamps, but I am not having much luck with couponing, any hints?? Please leave comments

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another dinner for under $5 for 4

I know y'all do this but I haven't in awhile and had forgotten how good and cheap it is. Yep, basic BBQ chicken in the crock served over white rice and broccoli.
I used 2 boneless, skinless breasts from a bag $6 for 6 nice pieces so $1 each, right?? and then 1/2 a bottle of BBQ sauce they were $1 so 1/2 is 50 cents, I shook in about 1T honey, 1t dried onions, 1t chopped garlic so for the meat $2.75.
The rice was 2.50 for 25 1/2 C servings. making it 10 cents per 1/2 cup serving. We used 2 C so 40 cents plus maybe 10 cents for the butter and salt I added in to cook so that is 50 cents for the rice.
Then the broccoli was $1.15 for 2 smaller heads. another 10 cents for the oil and salts in the steaming water. So $1.25 for the steamed broccoli.
Totals, $2.75 meat, 50 cents for rice and $1.25 for broccoli so $4.50 for all and all my guys loved it and asked for it again AND, it was easy!!!
We also had a 2 liter soda with dinner which was 90 cents for soda and taxes and CRV and I made a chocolate chip cookie pie for about $2.10 so actually need to add in another $3

I've linked this with Pennywise Platter on 6/10/10 it looks fun there.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 2010 Dinner Plans and Ideas

Dinner Plans

F/burgers, potato chunks, canned pears
SA/chicken nuggets, box pots, green salad, fruit slices
SU/turkey roast, gravy, rice, cranberry, green beans
M/Corn dogs, French fries, fruit slices, green salad
T/CP BBQ chicken, white rice, broccoli
W/burgers, fries, fruit
TH/tuna helper, can veggie
F/fast food - dollar menu or??

Dinner Ideas

ham and eggs on toast, f&y smoothie
chicken noodle soup and rolls
CP chicken taco soup, cheesy tortilla crisps
pozole, rolls
spaghetti, garlic bread, corn
hamburger helper, corn
tuna helper, can fruit
burritos, rice, fixings
burgers, rice, corn
tamale pie
CP chili, corn bread
pancakes and eggs
LO spaghetti soup, garlic bread

I need 4 more of all 3 meals plus 5+ snack items (granola bars, fruit snax, poptarts), 5 desserts, 4 gallons milk, 2 to 3 boxes cereal and $40 for produce to complete out my month healthily, or more likely, I'll have $20 towards produce and $30 more grocery monies to plan wisely. I also need to plan for Dollar tree on the 9th for maybe $20 to include bread, milk, bologna, sweets, snax and misc. Also, I planned for $50 at the end of the month for milk, cereal, fast food lunch, and gas. This makes $90 total see breakdown listed below Payday for May is on a Friday April 30th so we should be good!!

Breakfasts are:: cereal, oatmeal, eggs, leftovers,
Lunches are:: sammys, top ramen , pizzas, salads, canned ravs and leftovers

Grocery list for remainder of April

1 bag chicken breasts or big pan of legs $ 6
fruit and veggies $20
milk x 4 $12
chocolate milk - opt -----
hot cereal - opt -----
frozen pizza x 4 $ 4
frozen entree $ 4
8 grain bread x 2 $ 3
sourdough bread x 2 $ 2
lunch meat x 2 $ 3
canned veggies x 2 $ 1
desserts x 4 $ 9
fruit snax x 2 $ 5
poptarts x 2 $ 5
WM garlic bread 1 - 2 $ 2
granola bars x 2 $ 2
misc $ 7
TOTAL $$ 90.00