Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey week menu plan

Well, we don't actually get to the turkey until the end of the week but it's all good LOL!! I can't wait for the sammy's. I even have a spare can of cranberry sauce to go inside the said sammy. YUM!!!
My proposed menu for this week is below but I do expect some changes mainly because we are on vacation this week and also I expect a few grandkids and my boys' friends to want to spend a few weekday night since we are on vacation.

eggs, sausage, pots, F&Y smoothie
Clara's, fruit salad
shrimp stir fry over rice
Turkey - Traditional Menu
Beefy rice, fruit slices
mixed tacos and go alongs
turkey casserole creation (1 dish wonder)

So, with my above statement, all item (except Thursday) are subject to change but also as usual they will not change much since I do plan for a month in advance since I mostly do big box store shopping once a month then using my local grocery store (Sani-Food - they have a great meat counter!!) a few other times during the month.
I have linked this with MPM I'm #148 along with over 300 other persons/families who are also planning their menu for health, finances, and convenience.
What is your reason for meal planning? Please leave me a comment on your plan and how you came to your plan this week as well how and why you came to meal planning in general. I'd love to hear from one and all, Thanks.....Julie

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  1. Hi Julie!
    Ok, as far as the other 26 lbs. of ground beef I picked up, I also made 3 meatloafs, 1 shepard's pie and that took care of 10 pounds. Put up about 15 pounds in 2 pound packages and did 5 pounds in patties, all stashed in the freezer of course. A little birdie told me that Yoke's wouldnt be having ground beef that cheap again until after the new year so I figured I had better stock up now :)

    Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!


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