Thursday, May 13, 2010

Menu Plan May 15 - 23

Once again, life is beating me up so I have not kept up with documenting my menu planning. I will try to get back on track, albeit a bit early so at least this way I can check it off my done list LOL

Mon::chimichangas, fruit salad
CP chili, rice,milk&cookies
Tue::chx legs, mac&cheese,broccoli
Panda Express (disappointing)
Wed::CP Chili, cornbread, apple slices
Chx legs,mac&cheese,watermelon
Thu:: eggs on toast, f&y smoothie
frozen pizza and watermelon slices
Fri::frozen pizza, green salad
CP beef veggie stew,dinner rolls
Sat::soup and sammys
Sun::fast food or??

Don't forget #1-to come back for updates as I reserve the right to change or alter the menu at any time for any reason-and I do, #2-to link up at Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, with hundreds of others, I'm #244, and #3-I'm linking this up to A Slob Comes Clean's Focus Check Friday there, I'm #1.....Julie

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  1. Great job getting your menu planned in advance. Isn't it amazing how much of a difference it makes to know what you're going to eat that night?

    Thanks for linking up! - Nony


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