Saturday, October 17, 2009

meal plan october 18 to Oct 24

Here goes my 2nd week of menu planning after a time off. It did seem to help to get back on the horse again in the meal planning arena. So this weeks I have planned so far to include

Su- BBQ pork ribs and potatoes with canned apricots (from last weeks menu)
M- canned veggie soup and pbj sammies(Church choir for Mom)
T- orange chicken over 1/2 and /12 rice, with steamed veggies
W- very banana pancakes and sausage(may exchange for T if AWANA)
Th- hamburger helper and green beans
F- chicken taco soup and rolls
Sa-BBQ salmon and lil corn, with fried rice

For this next week I will need a gallon or 2?? of milk, a box of cereal and some fresh fruits and veggies. I really want some cabbage but lets see if I can afford it this week since I shop at the local food for more store. I'm trying a no bake from scratch cheesecake for desserts and looking for a brownie from a mix recipe in a crockpot without a coffee can~~these choices are since I don't have an oven (We're saving right fix or replace that is the question!!!)

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