Saturday, October 10, 2009

meal plan monday October 12 - 18

Heres what I created after our day-long-together-time-mass-shopping-event.

Su-BBQ pork ribs, BBQ baked potatoes, applesauce
had CP chicken parm over noodles with pears
M-tuna helper and corn
had as planned
T-beef tacos and fixins with pineapple slices
had porcupine balls with rice, spinich, and applesauce
W-egg muffin ham sammy with fruit & yogurt smoothie
time will tell but thinking lentil/rice burritos with pineapple slices
Th-porcupine balls with rice and green beans
so then tonight would be the egg muffin menu
F- tilapia, alfredo noodles, pear slices
still researching recipes but will probably do this fried since I don't have an oven yet
Sa-salsa chicken over rice
if not cold then BBQ the ribs,potatoes, and green beans

I noticed in my shopping I missed some fruits and veggies I still need some brocolli, cabbage, lettuce, pineapple slices, refried beans, and peach salsa. Also to round out the month I will need another round of fresh F&V($5) and milk and cereal ($5) so probably another $17.50 total.


  1. Sunday had the CP italian chicken marinara Monday tuna helper and corn with ice cream sundays for thoses who eat their meals.

  2. Salsa chicken sounds good! I hope you like the tilapia. We buy it frozen, and only when it's on sale.


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