Saturday, October 10, 2009

Todays grocery shopping and together time

OK so poor planning on a saturday but we did our rest of the month grocery shopping today however, I think we did rather well. It was our together time as we left the kids with older siblings for the afternoon.We spent about $215 on food and $250 total. In that was 2 adult sized fruit of the loom hoodies from Grocery Outlet for $5 a piece one for hubby and one for son who grows out of everything all the time. We spent $79.92 $58.56 being food at Grocery Outlet $28.99 at Dollar tree $16 being food. $57.19 at Wal-mart $54.48 being food. This visit was exciting because my WM is changing from a store to a center and they got most of their freezer stuff in.Then Winco~the worst of it~we spent over $100 so I made DH take stuff back it was embarrassing but it needed to be done (we don't need grapes at $2 a pound) - (or 4 cans of chili)our final total came to $84.44 all being food. All this covers dinners for family of 4, snacks for a family 4 breakfasts and lunches for mom and dad all week but weekends for kid through the end of October. Also, stocked up on sugar, some seasonings and spent $20 at butcher getting some pork chops, ribs, and hamburger. what I still need for the month is a head of cabbage, milk and maybe another box of cereal like rice crispies so now the hard part after putting it all away is menu planning we start back to school on Monday and hit it hard through November so I need to be on the top of my game plan for best success I should soon figure out how to post in on meal plan mondays!

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