Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November menu

Well, it's done, the mass once a month shopping that we do at the out of town stores. All groceries are put away and the menu for the rest of the month is completed, ready....

11/12-BBQ chicken legs, fried rice, corn on the cob as planned
11/13 egg rolls (meal in one) coconut shrimp menu from the 29th
11/14-CP pot roast tuna/pbj,chips&dip,mixed fruit
11/15-pozole and rolls chicken, pot&gravy,peas, mixed fruit
11/16-hamburger helper veggie soup & garlic toast JIB tacos YUM!!!
11/17-ham and eggs on english muffins with fruit and yogurt smoothie ate 11/20 menu
11/18-chicken patty,mashed potatoes, mixed fruit had 11/16 menu
11/19-porcupine balls, rice, green beans bacon and egg burritos, pineapple slices
11/20-bean/cheese burritos and pineapple slices spaghetti and corn
11/21-CP BBQ shredded pork sammys, cole slaw as planned
11/22-tacos(meat, beans, and fixins) as planned beef and chx
11/23-tuna helper,peas, and garlic bread egg rolls, fried rice
11/24-yogurt pancakes,sausage patties,kiwi as planned
11/25-CP pot roast-moved from 11/14 or fast food pizza
11/26-Thanksgiving traditional menu
11/27-leftovers spaghetti, green beans and bread
11/28-BBQ steak,potatoes,steamed carrots LO turkey,brocoli,rav soup
11/29-tuna helper, peas and garlic bread expect as planned or CP roast
11/30-chicken fajita pitas can't wait for these

this menu is not hard and fast but I try to follow the plan because I spread apart the meat items (no same meat 2 nights in a row) Monday and Tuesday menus are usually followed because we are busy those nights so I choose easier preparation items. Sundays, I do try to do crock-pot menus since we are in church 10 am & 6 pm. and for Fridays I do try to plan items that do not include meat - not religious just how we did it growing up.Normally I don't have leftovers as we eat them for lunches and this will be even more so since I am homeschooling for awhile while DS#8 (child #)changes psych meds and hopefully becomes more stable.
I still have some things I need to pick up at the store maybe around $25 including 3 more gallons of milk to get through the month.Oh yeah and I got the wrong hot cereal so I may have to pay retail to get the right stuff since it is not economical to go back to Chico Grocery Outlet to get the right stuff and we do not eat this wrong stuff.(saved receipt for next trip to return next month)
I have to plan this month for breakfasts and lunches as we all have a week off for holiday.

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  1. Keeping up with true menu-in red-as I go along. homeschooling and changind psych meds are not fun!!! I am overwhelmed right now and am thankful that I can focus some excess energies on the menu at least it is a healthy output.


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