Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meal Plan for this week 11-30 to 12-6-09

OK time to get started back to the routine of things for the next 3 weeks then it's a string of Saturdays again. My menu should be as follows

Mon 11-30 tuna helper, peas, garlic toast-as planned
Tue 12-1 sani food deli samwiches(still~out to dinner)
Wed 12-2 BBQ steak, pototoes,steamed carrots-Papa Murphy's
Thu 12-3 ham,egg&potato burritos,fruit salad-as planned
Fri 12-4 out of town-as planned
Sat 12-5 corn dogs, fries,mixed fruit-as planned
Sun 12-6 salibury steak, rice,grapes-as planned

This week of the month is always so hard as we tend to have to travel to see out of town relatives and DH has a thing about taking his family out to dinner on payday. (Who am I to fight such an atrocity??lol)
In the recent past our dedicated food money was on the 9th and my payday on the 10th but times are a'changin' and I need to alter our budget without these benefits. This is a mixed blessing and I know with great study I will learn how to further reduce our grocery spending.I can do this, I can do this, chugga chugga chug chug my caboose is draggin'. Silver lining is I have $200 food money this final month to stock up my pantry.

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