Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nov 9th thru 16th menus

well, this is what I have so far
Monday 11-9 Honker meals (deli sammy's)
Tuesday 11-10 tuna helper and corn with ciabatta roll.
Wednesday 11-11 will be fast food since it will be shopping day then I will come home, unload all the groceries, put away and create meals/menus from sales I got this is the downfall of shopping at stores (WinCo and Grocery Outlet) that do not have too much advertisement My Walmart doesn't have a meat dept so no $20 turkey dinner however, I may pick up 2 smaller birds if I can get to a Safeway then have the butcher cut then in half for meals throughout the year I will update this after Wednesday with the remainder of my menu plans

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  1. well, ran out of money so no turkey for turkey day. I will keep trying to get one with the points I earned over the year at my local food for more. I did as I said, did the shopping at 3 stores, put it away, and made my menus for the month. I only have about $25 more of items that I need pitas, letuce, tomatoe, avacado. yogurt x 2, salsa? 3 gal milk, misc fruit, pineapple slices can, hot cereal, and hopefully a turkey!


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