Sunday, December 13, 2009

menu plan monday

Meal planning, I am struggling with this issue right now. I am not being very creative thus frugal because I just use instead of use with a purpose. My menu needs to be adaptable to feed 4, 5, or 6 as this may be changing (due to friends forclosure-upside, she brings a working stove with her, and her son, hehehe) just don't know when. I need to take stock of what is in the freezer and put my food dates in order. As of now this is what I have planned. This is always subject to change.I try to update daily both here and CafeMom.

Mon 12-14 CP beef fajita and go alongs, pineapple
ate as planned pineapple was fresh & yummy
Tue 12-15 ham and eggs on toast with fruit and yogurt smoothie
had as planned smoothie was real good!!
Wed 12-16 chicken nugget salad, garlic bread
made taco soup with chips&cheese and choc ice cream
Thu 12-17 taco soup, rolls may exchange for 12-16
12-18 menu
Fri 12-18 corn dogs,fries,fruit salad
leftovers and whatever u find
Sat 12-19 chicken fajita pitas, orange slices
steak and gravy over mashed, corn
Sun 12-20 sliced beef and gravy over mashed, corn
chicken fajita pita, orange slices

PS::::: I am so proud of myself, I finally was sucessful in getting this post on the MPM Mr Linky. I have been trying for a few weeks and I finally figured it out!!! I am so dense sometimes lol yet persistant to a fault and I got it done!!! might not always be right but it gets done.....Julie

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