Monday, December 7, 2009

meals week of December 7 to 13

This is my main shopping week for the month and the last month that I will get food stamps that I know of (I may get jan-still up in air)so while shopping I need to get as many staples as possible.
To make matters worse our only car broke down and it is at least $200 more to fix. I am trying to save up for a newer car but life keeps chopping away at anything I get put away.

Mon 12-07 helper,green beans, garlic bread
had Moms nacho supreme
Tue 12-08 chcken burritos and pineapples
had tv dinners & misc snacks
Wed 12-09 sani food deli
had beef stew in can and bread
thu 12-10 fast food-out of town
had chili dogs, corn & orange slices
fri 12-11 veggie soup and rolls
undecided shopping sales were different than expected.
Sat 12-12 creamy chicken/mushroom strogonoff
expect as planned as already have
sun 12-13 CP pot roast and trimmings
expect as planned church day!!!!!

As usual, there is a disclaimer that I reserve the right to alter/change the planned menu at any time for any reason.Hormones be damned

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