Tuesday, December 22, 2009

menu plan monday

This menu,as usual, is a work in progress. I just did my freezers inventory so I have a little better idea of its contents. These next 2 weeks are a bit challenging since both kids are home from school all meals as well the grandkids who are becoming frequent visitors as their independance increases.(They can now ride bikes the few blocks by themselves) Also as usual, I reserve the right to alter or change this plan at any day and any time for any reason--hehehe--however with it being the end of the month most things will be consumed as planned.

Mon::created chicken,noodles, and gravy with brocoli side-as planned
Tue::chicken fajita pitas and a banana-as planned
Wed::corn dogs and fries with canned fruit had pizza
Thu::pozole,rolls and appetizers, creative desserts done
Fri ::pot roast veggies and potatoes included, creative desserts
going to be stew, rolls, and desserts
Sat::LOs, sammys, brocoli potatoes,etc... may exchange with friday
Sun::chicken noodle soup in crock salsa chicken over rice

While doing my freezer this A.M. I discovered I have several opened bags of chicken pieces that I need to fully utilize so I will be having more chicken recipes than normal.I will also be looking for some creative budget friendly recipes as well, so if you read this please send any suggestions. Again, as usual, I should update as the days get done.....Julie

PS::Almost forgot, Don't forget to find other menu plans at http://www.orgjunkie.com/, I know I'm enjoying reading others ideas at MPM.....J

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  1. Sorry if you got this post it didn't go onto MPM correctly go to my hompage and see what I have to offer for the last week of the year


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