Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pantry Challenge in January...

I am still thinking how I can modify this project from (links to go here-HELP!!if you read this I cannot make links - please leave a comment on how - please!!!! ) with how I have to shop because of our income. This (I'm sure) is the last month that my family gets dedicated food money and from Feb on out it is spending cash. In the past few years I have spent about $200 cash per month and $200 SNAP benefits - the new name for Food Stamps - lol - therefore, if I do receive these benefits I want to spend them like I did in December spending $$ to stock up my pantry even more with staples, seasonings, and flavorings.
From Feb on I also spend around $25 each month stocking up my pantry because I work for the school district and am off school for 2 1/2 months in the summer and that is when we really live off our pantry. So suffice it to say perhaps Jan in not the best month for me to be taking this project on??
What I am for sure going to do is to follow others so when do use my pantry as planned so I will have many other ideas to fall back on and the wisdom of other peoples experiences to gleen from.
What I will be doing in Jan is organizing and cleaning out my pantry taking out items that have expired or items that we will just not eat.

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