Monday, June 21, 2010

3rd week of June and cupboards are getting bare

My menu this week is definitely coming from the recesses of my pantry and freezer. I need 3/4# hamburger to complete the meals I have planned for the next 10 or so days. Along with milk, cold cereal, salad makings, and some fruit. Total still needed for groceries may be $10-$15?? Gas-about the same??

made the turkey pot pie-smells yummy!!
OMGosh!!The pot pie was delish!!!I will do again!!
ham hock and beans with sweet cornbread muffins (W)
beans are soaking-Tues night
Everything a hit - no leftovers!!
Tamale Pie (Th)
Hubs makes this-he got home late so
we had eggs on toast with yogurt
hubs made tamale pie
ham/eggs over toast, F&Y smoothie (Sa)
chicken taco soup is now planned
frozen pizza and green salad (Su)
expect as planned

lunch meat,tuna, sammys x 2 (T,Su)
had these Wed and??
pizza tv dinners (W)
had these Tues instead
McD's mini meals (Th)
as planned - yum and cheap
bean and cheese burritos (F)
spaghetti-o's and garlic bread(Sa)

cold cereal x2 days (T,Sa)
hot cereal x 2 days (Th,Su)
pancakes (Wed)
sausage gravy over sourdough (Fri)

I will be posting this on MPM I'm #268 there read what hundreds of others are making for their families this week. I try to update daily what we did consume.