Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do not use lie!!!

We are traveling this week, half vacation, half research. I used to book my room because they say they offer price match guarantee. Well people, they do not offer this in reality. I will never use this service again!!!
I was told that $48.00 was the cheapest rate we could get, so I took it. However, when we checked in the rate was $35.69.
I called and all they would offer me is $10 back or a $30 hotel voucher for a full price room. I am not satisfied with that. I have been over-charged well over $20 and all they will refund me is a stinkin' $10 where is the price match in that?
I called them and it took 3 calls because their agents kept "dropping" my calls, really, they didn't want to deal with my issues so they hung up on me. Great customer service, huh??? NOT!!!
I have now sent them an e0mail and am awaiting a response but I doubt i will be responded to.
Anybody have a different story to tell about this service, please leave a comment and I will post it.
I wanted this service to work, I have several other trips to make yet I will be handling all my bookings myself.
Lastly, I know I am complaining about a measly $10 but it is more of the lack of service I got when I called to get my refund that has me peeved