Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Menu plan for 2nd week of June a bit late

No shopping this week, just the menu that is better late than never as that seems to be my modus operendi this week. So, here's my menu plan for the rest of the week...As usual, I will update daily and alter any menu for any reason so keep coming back!!

Tue::Beef and bean Doritos nachos, mango slices
had as planned - good and easy
Wed::CP BBQ chicken over baked potatoes, green beans
In the CP already - YUM!!!
Thu::Ham and eggs over toast, F&Y Smoothie
had as planned
Fri::Salisbury steaks, rice, mandarins
will leave for guy by 5pm
Sat::Frozen Pizza, and green salad
guys on their own
Sun::spinach lasagna, garlic bread
Dad will make before I get home at 6pm

I will be liking this to MPM at Organizing Junkie, I'm #316,Focus Check Friday I'm #x, and usually I post at Grocery Cart Challenge I'm #x there


  1. Tuesdays sounds so neat! Did you take a pic?

  2. Sorry Angie, no pics all I have is a camera on my phone and the pics are less than appetizing LOL But this is so easy. Fry GB add seasoning, layer doritos, refried beans heated with water added for smoother consistency, create 3 - 4 layers of chips,beans,meat,then cheeese in a 8x8 pan, micro for 3 minutes on half heat serve with your choice of add ons - just like tacos - this is a go to meal for my family - at least once a month

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I know my family would love this!


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