Sunday, July 4, 2010

Menu for the first full week of July

This is the plan so far, I am working off the month menu from here that I created after we did our mass shopping last week. As usual all things are subject to change at any time for any reason, I hopefully will update daily.
Also as usual, I am linking this with Organizing Junkies MPM. This week I'm #223. Come on over and read what several hundred other families have planned to eat.

Sun 4:: TV Dinners and FFYS
ended up at BBQ at friends with mudslides (yum)
had TV dinners for lunch 7-5-pizza and pudding is our fav
Mon 5:: Beef and Bean Nachos, fixings, fruit slices
meatloaf, potato wedges,corn on the cob
Tue 6:: Turkey and gravy over rice, green beans
chicken nuggets, sweet pots, watermelon
Wed 7:: Hot dogs, can beans, corn on cob
Thu 8:: Pozole, cheesy tortilla chips
Fri 9:: Hamburger patties, mac& cheese, steam broccoli
guys on own so expect as planned
Sat 10:: Chili cheese fries, can mandarins
guys on own so expect as planned
Sun 11:: Chicken Italiano, egg noodles, green salad
expect as plan:: to make when I get home