Friday, July 2, 2010

A few Coupon thoughts...

I am trying to have and keep the reasonable goal to save at least 10% off my groceries and household supplies with the use of coupons. So far, since I made this goal 2 months ago I have done it.
I am feeding a family of four - 2 adults and 2 tweenage boys who are hungry ALL the time!!! My budget for all food and household supplies is $400. To increase my goal and save over $100 is my next step, but for right now knowing that I am saving about $40 is great!!
I have joined a coupon train over at CafeMom. So far, so good. I'm sure I saved $5 with what was in there this time. Also, I have the assistance of my dear neighbor who gives me her Sunday coupons in her Sac Bee. I don't take that paper and she doesn't clip coupons so it works for both of us!!
A few things that would be nice is if #1 California stores offered doublers. I read online that is how most successful couponers really save. #2, many of the products I get coupons for are not available in my area, yet, (It shows up after the coupon expires). #3 I do some shopping at Grocery Outlet, they do not accept coupons - It would be super if they did!! And lastly #4, It would be great if more fresh products provided coupons such as dairy, meat, and fruits and vegetables.
Just a few thoughts. What are your thoughts on realistically using coupons?
I have linked this to Focus Check Friday I'm #3 this week