Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another dinner for under $5 for 4

I know y'all do this but I haven't in awhile and had forgotten how good and cheap it is. Yep, basic BBQ chicken in the crock served over white rice and broccoli.
I used 2 boneless, skinless breasts from a bag $6 for 6 nice pieces so $1 each, right?? and then 1/2 a bottle of BBQ sauce they were $1 so 1/2 is 50 cents, I shook in about 1T honey, 1t dried onions, 1t chopped garlic so for the meat $2.75.
The rice was 2.50 for 25 1/2 C servings. making it 10 cents per 1/2 cup serving. We used 2 C so 40 cents plus maybe 10 cents for the butter and salt I added in to cook so that is 50 cents for the rice.
Then the broccoli was $1.15 for 2 smaller heads. another 10 cents for the oil and salts in the steaming water. So $1.25 for the steamed broccoli.
Totals, $2.75 meat, 50 cents for rice and $1.25 for broccoli so $4.50 for all and all my guys loved it and asked for it again AND, it was easy!!!
We also had a 2 liter soda with dinner which was 90 cents for soda and taxes and CRV and I made a chocolate chip cookie pie for about $2.10 so actually need to add in another $3

I've linked this with Pennywise Platter on 6/10/10 it looks fun there.

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  1. $7.50 for dinner, drink and dessert - Good Job!!! Have to pat myself on the back cuz no one else is LOL


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