Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Plan March 15 - 21

Menu, Menu, gotta make my menu.What do I have? What can I create? What sounds good?
This $200 a month thing is tough. My kids expect more processed stuff and can you believe it but by cooking from scratch that I am gaining weight? Yep, gaining!! I know it is from all the taste tests that I must do, I am sure! It will all balance out soon I hope, cuz even 5 pounds feels icky and all around my mid section to boot.
OK so here is what I have planned so far and as y'all know I can change any menu for any hormonal reason and trust me at my age there are many!!! So, here goes.....

Sun::Pork chop and gravy over mashed,veg
ended up with tacos see this post
Mon::Chicken taco soup or salsa chx
made Tues menu due to sore throat
Tue::French toast and sausage, fruit slices
Beef and bean nachos, orange slices
Wed::CP Beef and bean Chili,tortilla chips
Chicken patty/veggie sammy, tator tots
Thu::Creamy chicken noodles and steamed carrots
Expect as planned
Fri::out to dinner?? for Wimpy Kid Movie
$2 at fast food&home FFYS-no movie :(
Sat::Chicken nugget salad with rolls
IDK probably chili and chips
Sun::Beef nachos and orange slices
pork and gravy over mashed with corn

As usual I will be linking this with MPM at organizing Junkie with several hundred like minded persons. Come back to see what we really did consume.....Julie
The yellow color is what I had originally planned at the beginning of the week. The blue color is what we really did have and what I expect to have during the week.

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