Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of March 2010 Menu Plan

Phew!! It's finally here, the end of this long month.There were 5 weeks in this month to feed my family fabu dinners. and, I did it!!! OK, so not all were Fabu but we have all eaten, and eaten well. My family did complain a bit about my milk secret (adding in a can of evap with equal water) but they don't quite know what the difference is so I will keep doing it until I run out of the free evap because I know they will become accustomed to it!! So to get us through tis week, this is what I have planned..

Sun:: CP salsa chicken over rice
had as planned rice was undercooked:(
Mon::meatballs and gravy over noodles
ham/egg quiche,steamed broccoli
Tue::ham/egg quiche, broccoli
Subway samwiches $10-AWANA's
Wed::some kind of soup*see below*
R/T pizza-forgot it is open house
Thu::fast food and shopping
kids gone, parents artichokes YUM!!
Fri::probably pizza ($5 coupons)
hamburgers, oven fries, watermelon
Sat::IDK must feed 7, probably tacos
chicken strips, boxed pots, grape juice
Sun::Easter (Turkey and goodies??)
meatball strogonoff over rice, mixed fruit

For soups, I can create at least 3 different kinds-pozole, chicken noodle, or LO spaghetti soup. I will take a vote and the most popular one will be created. Also, thur and fri are kind of interchangeable since we have to go out of town for both.

As usual, all items can be exchanged for any reason at any time (hormones be da*ned) and I will be linking this up with MPM at orgjunkie and GCC as well as any others that catch my interest.

This week of the month can be fun because I am collecting coupons, making menus then breaking down into my shopping list. I can't wait to go shopping I think we have $300 this month YIPPEE!!!
And, lastly, I will be updating as the week goes along with the planned meals in dark gold and what we consume in green. Thanks for reading my blog and please leave comments, suggestions or questions. I love hearing from y'all!!!


  1. I have a question: When you say you have $300 for groceries for the month are you doing all of your shopping at once, or do you allowing $75/wk for shopping? I know it's not my business but I am curious about how others are handling shopping on a budget. I shop every week and buy according to the sales, sometimes it works out great, other times not so much.

    BTW, did you get your tomatoes going yet? I did and it isn't going so well. I might end up buying the plants after all :(

  2. Leah, I usually shop twice a month at WinCo and/or Grocery Outlet because we have to drive about an hour to get to a big box store. Otherwise I shop at the local food for more store for weekly milk and produce. I am trying to send myself $50 the last week of the month from my bill pay to see if that helps us get through but this week, I had $3 for a gallon of milk and $5 for gas so it looks like I'm gonna have to walk to work in the rain on Wed. AND, all my guys are missing their sweets & desserts LOL.
    Tomatoes not so good, I think were gonna get the stand thingy next week and try again, I'm sure my pets got to them!!
    And no question is off limits to me. I mean for cripes sakes I blog, right??? he he he
    BTW::I'm also available at if you have things you don't want semi-public.....Julie


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