Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Plan March 22-28

Here we go again, another menu to plan.....
Can y'all tell that I'm not too excited to be doing it??? Well, I'm not!! I am tired of having such limited choices.Having no money to get more groceries and having the fear that we might run out of groceries before we run out of month. I know I will be able to create something but OMGosh this $200 thing just is not working for us,well, maybe it can work, it is just tough!! I have used up most of my pantry stockpile except for the 7 cans of generic tomato soup that has a very off flavor and 6 cans of evaporated milk. I do add a evap milk and equal water into the milk at 3/4 gallon and have had no complaints (they don't know-he he). So without further ado (about nothing) let's get to that menu plan or more likely what I have available to create this week.....

Chicken noodle soup X 2
Pozole and breadmaker rolls
LO potstickers and green salad (3/21/10)
pork and gravy over mashed
tuna helper and canned fruit (3/23/10)
meatballs and gravy over noodles
my famous LO spaghetti soup
chicken taco soup
chili with couscous (3/22/10)
blueberry pancakes a no meat meal
chicken stir fry over rice

So as you can see I can get through, just tough, and...all these items are mine so Hubs will not be able (willing) to help cook. this sux LOL.
OK, usual disclaimer, all items can change at any time for any hormonal reason and come back as I will be updatine what we actually do consumne and the day we do
Also, I will be linking this with MPM at Organizing Junkie and with no shopping to report I will probably not be linking at GCC this week or next but I will be reading what everybody else saved on.

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