Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan March 8 - 14

Still adjusting to the no food stamp thing. We are into month 2. I expect this budgeting change to be tough for another month or so, then my job is over in June and we will have to again adjust to even less income yet still too much for assistance. It could be worse I know!!!
So I have done some shopping this past weekend. We went to WinCo over in Yuba City. Spent $50 there and another $7 at Dollar Tree( We love their $1 loaf of sourdough bread). My best deal over at WinCo was the tuna helper for 98 cents with a $1 off coupon wyb a can of tuna so, we got 2 and 2 cans generic tuna for 50 cents each that makes it 50 cents for a tuna helper dinner. We can do that!!!!! My boys love to eat it so...even better!!!My menu for this week is variable. These are the items that we have available to eat.

chicken nuggets, tator tots and fruit salad
Kids loved thesse Hubs not so much oh well, will make again!!
ham and eggs on toast with fruit and yogurt smoothie
having Friday without the ham as Hubs ate it all
impossibly easy cheeseburger pie
As usual, a successful dinner for a Thursday night
chicken tacos with beans and fixings.
didn't get to this dinner yet this week maybe Sunday??
soup and sammys
had Wednesday when we got home from shopping
pork and gravy over mashed with green beans
Defrosting as we speak for Saturdays main event LOL
Leftovers FFYS dinner or chicken taco soup??
Look for this again on next weeks menu

This if course will change some but I don't expect it to change much as we are out of money for the month. All things are paid though and I can walk to work so gas should be minimal.
I will be linking this with MPM, and GCC have you been reading these great posts??


  1. The boys loved the homemade nuggets made with ground triscuits, parm cheese, and seasonings then baked on a rack over a baking sheet for 20 minutes while I also cooked the tots. Served with fruit salad.
    Tomorrows menu is the ham and eggs since it is Awanas night and the boys do best with a lighter dinner then a nice dessert when they get home.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say for Crock Pot Wednesday this week. Mister Linky is up and ready for your link. Thanks so much for joining me.

  3. Dont' you love those easy Bisquick recipes? I have used the cheeseburger pie recipe as a guide for so many different things, but our fav is the Taco pie, just make up a double batch of Taco filling one night, and have Taco pie the next :)

    So, what kind of tomato plants are you growing this year? I got a salad variety, the sweety 1000 I think, and a Big boy beef type too.


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