Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 2010 Dinner Plans and Ideas

Dinner Plans

F/burgers, potato chunks, canned pears
SA/chicken nuggets, box pots, green salad, fruit slices
SU/turkey roast, gravy, rice, cranberry, green beans
M/Corn dogs, French fries, fruit slices, green salad
T/CP BBQ chicken, white rice, broccoli
W/burgers, fries, fruit
TH/tuna helper, can veggie
F/fast food - dollar menu or??

Dinner Ideas

ham and eggs on toast, f&y smoothie
chicken noodle soup and rolls
CP chicken taco soup, cheesy tortilla crisps
pozole, rolls
spaghetti, garlic bread, corn
hamburger helper, corn
tuna helper, can fruit
burritos, rice, fixings
burgers, rice, corn
tamale pie
CP chili, corn bread
pancakes and eggs
LO spaghetti soup, garlic bread

I need 4 more of all 3 meals plus 5+ snack items (granola bars, fruit snax, poptarts), 5 desserts, 4 gallons milk, 2 to 3 boxes cereal and $40 for produce to complete out my month healthily, or more likely, I'll have $20 towards produce and $30 more grocery monies to plan wisely. I also need to plan for Dollar tree on the 9th for maybe $20 to include bread, milk, bologna, sweets, snax and misc. Also, I planned for $50 at the end of the month for milk, cereal, fast food lunch, and gas. This makes $90 total see breakdown listed below Payday for May is on a Friday April 30th so we should be good!!

Breakfasts are:: cereal, oatmeal, eggs, leftovers,
Lunches are:: sammys, top ramen , pizzas, salads, canned ravs and leftovers

Grocery list for remainder of April

1 bag chicken breasts or big pan of legs $ 6
fruit and veggies $20
milk x 4 $12
chocolate milk - opt -----
hot cereal - opt -----
frozen pizza x 4 $ 4
frozen entree $ 4
8 grain bread x 2 $ 3
sourdough bread x 2 $ 2
lunch meat x 2 $ 3
canned veggies x 2 $ 1
desserts x 4 $ 9
fruit snax x 2 $ 5
poptarts x 2 $ 5
WM garlic bread 1 - 2 $ 2
granola bars x 2 $ 2
misc $ 7
TOTAL $$ 90.00

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  1. Im impressed, I can't even conceive of a time when I will be able to wrap my head around meal planning for a whole month! Your rockin :)


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