Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st paycheck of month is gone!!

We get paid 3 times during the month once at the end (which was yesterday) the bulk by the 3rd and once on the 10th. Our EOM check was $499.59 not bad for one of my part time jobs right?? Well, it's gone!! and I mean all of it LOL.

The boys have new shoes for $75 for 2 pair buy one get one half off at the Van's outlet. I figure if I got them WM shoes it would be $60 so why not spend a few bucks more and let them be shoe snobs, right?? Actually they are a better quality for what my guys are into and have lasted until they have been outgrown. Well, now they wear men's 10 and 11 so how much more can they grow!?!?
We paid $120.00 pharmacy bill-Hubs co pay.
I paid back the $50 we borrowed from one of my BFF's Gina (thank you Gina)
$100 at WalMart for groceries and household supplies for a good part of the month.
$60 for pizza we ordered last night - I know this is expensive but all we have is Round Table so we are captive to their prices. Well, there is a pizza oven in a local liquor store but they have questionable health practices and the 2 times we've tried, well, it didn't go so well.
$40 for fast food today breakfast(McD's) and lunch (Long John Silvers)
$40 in the gas tank
$10 Dollar Tree
$5 misc, soda, change left, etc...

I was very happy with our WM groceries. I did make a specific list and followed it pretty well. We definitely have enough groceries(see menu here) for 10 days and house supplies for the month. My best purchase was a frozen turkey roast for $3. My guys like those and they are enough to feed us 4 and with some instant mashed potatoes and a canned veg, that is dinner for under $5. I splurged and got us a half gallon of chocolate milk. We love that stuff! My purchase for me was a box of hair color for $2.50 on the clearance aisle. I can't wait, my wisdom is showing on the top of my head and alongside my ears. (OK, OK!! I really mean grey).

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  1. LOL :) I'll admit, I am a shoe snob myself.


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