Saturday, February 6, 2010

MPM for week #2 in Feb 2010

Well, it's time again to get my menu plan ready for this upcoming week. It is kind of a push week because we have next week off school so, many assignments need to be completed and turned in for the kids, also school library books returned etc...

I also have created my menu with spending only $350 this month on groceries and household stuff vs. the usual $500 as I am learning to live without dedicated food money. However, years of keeping a pretty good pantry will come into play this month and next while I learn more new budget options

Here is what I have planned::::::

Sun::tuna helper, fruit salad

Mon::Beef tacos and fixings

Tue::ham, stuffing, green beans

Wed::hamburger patties, fries, applesauce

Thu::French toast and bacon with orange slices

Fri::split pea soup and rolls

Sat::ham and potato casserole, fruit slices

My usual disclaimer, all items can be changed at any time for any hormonal reason.

Also, I will be linking this menu with MPM, GCC, Dining with Debbies Crockpot Wednesday, and others I will list and link as I go along.

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