Saturday, February 6, 2010

MPM week #3 Feb 2010

Well, were home this week - school is off, so I am responsible for all meals my starving, growing boys consume.
For breakfasts, I plan simple stuff like cereal and milk, eggs on toast and cream of wheat that I make the night b4 and leave on the stove
Lunches will mainly be either LO's or self serve sammys with fruit slices and chips
Dinners should go somewhat as follows::::::::::

Sun::Ziti casserole, green salad had chx legs, mac salad
Mon:: IDK maybe leftovers??or Sun Menu??or helper
Tue::CP beef sammys, fruit salad
Wed::pork chop soup and rolls
Thu::hamburger helper, corn
Fri::hash brown casserole, fruit salad or slices
Sat::beans and rice with fruit salad
As usual all items can change at any time for any reason as well, Iposting what we did eat for dinners as I go along

Lastly, I have linked this to the following: GCC, MPM, others to be listed when linked

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