Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheese, glorious cheese

Once again I was privy to the word of mouth sale at my local cheese factory, Rumiano Cheese Company. I got 8 pounds of cheese for $8. Yep, you read that right $8. So yummy!! I picked up 2 - 2 pound packages of jack already sliced, 4-4oz of Motz, 6-4 oz sliced Colby jack, 2-4 oz of sliced Swiss and 4 of medium cheddar. Grilled cheese is so on the menu especially since I have sourdough french bread for $1 a loaf at the dollar tree and it usually has about 30 slices. My neighbor called us at 7 am to tell us today was the day so before 10 am after my first shift I was there!!! I am so glad. They do this once every 3 months so the next one should be towards the middle of July which will come in handy because that is when all the kids and grandkids will be home from school for summer and feeding everybody gets so expensive (like I need to tell y'all that, right?? ha ha)


  1. you leah for your timely recipe I will be making this with our grilled cheese what a perfect pair

  2. Is it the hamburger soup recipe? It does go well with Grilled cheese but I had to think for a moment to realize you meant sandwiches because when I first read it I thought you were really grilling cheese and wasn't able to imagine how to do it - LOL :)

  3. leah, you're so funny!!! I getch though cuz it has taken me about 7 times looking at the commercial for the double down thing at KFC to finally figure out that the chciekn is thhe bun LMAO ans yes, I do mean the hamburger soup but after i posted the comment I saw that it didn't link correctly Oh well, at least I kow what i mean, right???


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