Sunday, April 18, 2010

Menu Plan April 19th - 25th

Hi people, It has been a few weeks since participating in the weekly menu posting because we had spring break and 2 school furlough days off so I did not get to use the computer much as the kids took control of all electronic devices LOL, then it came down with a virus, again thanks to the kids' games. I am hoping that I finally got it but I was without the 'puter for over a week LOL serious withdrawals!!! So, onto the planning of the menu.

Mon:: porcupine balls and rice with green beans
Tue:: turkey veggie soup and garlic bread
Wed:: ham and eggs over toast
Thu:: turkey veggie casserole
Fri:: chili and cornbread
Sat:: CP BBQ chicken over rice
Sun:: pozole and cheesy tortillas

Last time shopping (on the 9th) I got a HUGE turkey for $8 so we have had turkey and potatoes for a few dinners, sammys for lunches and tonight burritos. I am trying to make a stock for soup but I used too much water and it is very plain. I have added in a few chicken bouillon cubes to help it and I will be making a full meat, veggie and pasta soup Tuesday afternoon for dinner that night. Ya know, just add in some veggies for a few hours then add back in the meat and some noodles then voila dinner is served!!

This is the part of our month where we eat from our cupboards. I have spent about $280 on groceries so far this month and have $20 next Friday to get us some more milk, cereal and fresh produce OK, OK and I will admit a few 2 liters of soda and some dessert makings also.

We are getting used to shopping without food stamps, but I am not having much luck with couponing, any hints?? Please leave comments


  1. I'm not one of those people that saves thousands of dollars using coupons, but I do save a five to ten dollars every time you do a big shopping trip. Clip and organize your coupons, I use a small expandable file. When you finish your grocery list, just check your coupon file and be sure to take them with you to the store.

  2. Thanks ginger-n-wyo I am doing something similar I have saved up to I think $12 but the norm is more like $3 to $5. So, I'm glad to know that I'm where others are. What I'm finding is that my local stores do not carry the products that I get the coupons for and by the time thhey do get the the coupon is expired (Happened twice with beauty items) I'll just keep plugging away at it also living in california, we do not have doublers anywhere, anytime that sux!!!

  3. Enjoy your blog. I'm new to blogging but I think it will be oddly therapeutic. You have cool menus and I look forward to seeing more.


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