Saturday, April 24, 2010

Menu Plan for the last week of April

Hi all, it's down to the wire for the month and our options are VERY limited. Well, truthfully we could go another 2 weeks with dinners but all the goodies are gone (no desserts) I am glad it is not my chocolate crave week - what am I saying, it's always my chocolate craving week. well, without further's our menu...

Mon:: spaghetti, corn
Tue:: chicken taco soup, cheesy tortilla crisps
Wed:: LO's, FFYS, clean out the freezer of ???
Thu:: out to dinner-family event
Fri:: out to dinner with friends
Sat:: shopping so probably fast food
Sun:: depends on what I got at the store

I really am only creating dinner for 3 nights this week since we are going out 2 nights. Shopping on Saturday-for most of the month-so we'll probably pick up fast food later in the afternoon then make something lite like soup and sammys around 8 or so.

I have my coupons ready for shopping. I am starting to create my list. I again am aiming to the $200 limit on groceries with this pay period then I should have another $100 to supplement our menu in the middle of the month($50 each on the 10th and the 20th seems to work well for us). As a bonus, I am doing better with keeping produce in the fridge since I have been neurotically budgeting.

I need to start preparing for summer meals. June is upon us and I have no income for July and August maybe even longer,IDK. Our school district is taking 4 furlough days this year,so far. No school, no work. No work, no money. I would say "Taco Bell, here I come", but even those jobs are hard to get around here.:(

Well, thanks for listening LOL. I am going to be #374 on Organizing Junkie, come over and read what others are creatively feeding their families this week. And please leave a comment you were here so I can come over and read what you have to say.....Julie

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