Monday, January 25, 2010

Cheese, Cheese, wonderful cheese

Thanks to my sage neighbor- Becky (of the infamous Will and Becky) -who has her fingers in every pie here in our little town d' Podunk, told me that Rumiano Cheese was having a word only back door sale of their cheeses for $1 a pound various varieties. I got about 4 pounds of different cheeses such as Colby-jack, provolone slices, American slices, and good ol motz. While there I asked how often they did this and how I would know they said about every three months and to keep my ear to the pavement to hear about it as there is no schedule. So, I will. I will also be researching allrecipes to find some scrumptious meals that use provolone.This one sounds good, don't ya think?? I can also tell lasagna is going to be on our menu again in Feb so, if you read this and live close by - GO!!!

And next time I will be better prepared and bring about $15 and STOCK UP!!! Today I only spent $4. Hopefully, a wisely spent $4.
BTW::She is the great neighbor that gives me her Sac Bee coupons every Sunday. So once again, thanks Beck!!!
Lastly, I have linked this post to the following bloge : Grocery Cart Challenge,


  1. Lucky you - I'd love to score a deal like that!!!

  2. Wow, I want some $1 a pound cheese. Great score.



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