Thursday, January 14, 2010

Menu items that keep hanging around

Chicken Noodle Soup has been on my menu for awhile yet I am struggling to make it. It is one of the issue I have with too much food available hehehe.
To "force" myself to make it I did start the chicken in the CP around noon Wednesday so I have cooked chicken and broth ready to add the goodies too yet Wed night I just could not bring myself to make it. I guess we will be having it Thursday, right??

How do you make you chicken noodle soup? What's your tricks?
Edit:: made this tonight and it turned out well, used 1/2 a bag of mixed frozen veggies, chopped up the 2 pcs chicken and about 1/4 box fettuccine noodles cut into fourths - my biggest mistake is I burned the garlic toast - had to scrape off a few tops lol

My other menu item that has appeared and not been prepared for SEVERAL weeks is a beef roast with veggies and potatoes. Your basic CP faire. It just doesn't appeal when it is the night ot cook, or I forget and then it's too late to start it, or, or, get the drift...too many excuses.

Do you suffer from this malady? How to you deal with it? Please comment


  1. YES! I try to make a weekly menu, but who really knows what they want to eat on Friday when it's only Monday morning? Who even knows what they want for Monday dinner on Monday morning?

    That's the super good thing about having a well stocked pantry. You can change your mind without running to the store.

  2. When I menu plan I do not assign a day for each meal. Then it leaves me room to change my mind or decide what to make from my list. Then I don't feel bad if I don't want what is on my list.

  3. I just made a really tasty Chicken Noodle Soup in the crock pot this week -- after chicken dinner Sun. night:

    Meal planning is what I aim for here as well. Sometimes it's a list and other weeks I assign a day to each meal. It all depends. This week I ended up tapping into some other freezer/pantry items as the week hasn't gone quite as I planned.

    Stop on by some time. I have an index of recipes I've posted and I host a recipe swap every Friday.


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