Sunday, January 17, 2010

Please help alter recipe for pantry challenges

I have most all these items and this sounds good but, I have no potatoes. However I do have pasta so I am thinking I add maybe 1 1/2 cups noodles when I add in the broccoli in at last 10 minutes of cooking to replace potatoes? Here's where I'm stuck do you thik 1 1/2 cup noodles is about volume equivelent as 3 chopped potatoes? Please reply Thank You

Also, No broth but I do have bouillon so I will add 3 cups water to 3 cubes to equal broth needed. However, I may put in 2 chicken and 1 beef give it a heartier flavor or never know 2 beef and 1 chicken???

Lastly, to alter this to crockpotting I will start the meat around noon, add other veggies in at 2 then noodles at 4:45 broccoli at 5 and in bowls by 5:15 served with some nice brown and serve dinner rolls for dipping - yummy this sounds good, I just want to make sure my alterations will be OK.
Also, I will be linking this to life as mom and money saving mom and any other pantry challenge links in search of ideas and/or confirmation that I am headed in the right direction.


  1. I think that combining the beef and chicken will give it a flavor that is closer to pork, and there should be some broth from the pork chops anyway that will add a bit of extra flavor too. It sounds good, and I am looking forward to hearing about how it works out :)

    Oh, I say this from experience, you might want to pre-cook your pasta and then add it in. The last time I tried to make crockpot mac and cheese the pasta pretty much justed melted and I ended up with mac and cheese soup. Not so good :(

  2. Sounds like your alterations are going to turn out delicious! I agree with Leah above--cook the noodles in a saucepan and add them to your slow cooker. They'll make a great substitution for the potatoes. If it were me, I would leave out the broccoli and serve it on the side. But that's just me; the thought of broccoli in my soup makes my stomach turn. BUT, it sounds like you have a great plan, and you'll definitely have a completely original recipe that you can call all yours!


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