Friday, January 22, 2010

Shopping for this week (and next)

Well, we made our car purchase so that took up almost all the tax money (well, that and 3 years of payments that were more than I wanted-for this car DH has to and I do mean HAS to quit smoking - there is no other way!!!)with the rest we got $28 in gas, $35 in fast food on 2 trips, and $28 on groceries also in 2 trips

!st grocery trip - DH went to WM and got some junk food $8

Trip #2 we got milk, cereal, bread, salami, chips, yogurts, cheese - this was kind of the last run of the month for breakfast and lunch stuff. spent $20

Fast Food was #1 for me and DH on our way to work the other morning $7 spent at McD's and #2 was $21 taking all 4 of us out to BK while we drove the new to us car.

I can tell by my buyers remorse frustration I need to find some biblical passage. Do you have any to suggest?
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