Saturday, January 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is one of my weeks with no shopping, no money = no shopping but really, we did BIG shopping last week at the Shopping Olympics so for 2 weeks we are eating out of our freezer/pantry.

Also last week, I created the menu plan for the remainder of the month from what we got while shopping, and what we already have, so these are "what's for dinner".
  • ham and eggs on toast, fruit/yogurt smoothie Sat 1-23-10
  • chicken tacos, fixins, fruit slices Wed 1-20-10
  • Chili cheese dogs, mixed fruit Sun 1-24-10
  • tamale pie, green salad Thur 1-21-10
  • SOS, steamed carrots Sun 1-17-10
  • beans and rice, apple slices Fri 1-22-10
  • pork chop noodle soup and biscuits Tue 1-19-10
  • chicken stuffing casserole, green beans Mon 1-18-10

These are in no particular order (the blue date is tentative) and can be changed or altered at any time for any reason. However with this being one of our pantry weeks most things will be pretty close to what is scheduled. I will be adding and changing this post during the week while I use the items.

Go here to read about why my Hubby is my hero. It's cute!! Also, please go here to help me with pantry challenge recipe alterations.

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  1. Your menu looks so yummy! Thanks for posting on my linky.


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