Friday, January 15, 2010

Reason # 4972 that My hubby is my HERO!!

This is icky, so if you're squeamish - click to another blog ha ha ha.

Well, last night about 11 pm, all was quiet in my house. The cookies had been baked, the dishes were done, the kids in bed and My Hubs was in the recliner with a blanket gettin a snore on. So, I quietly went into the kitchen to hard boil some eggs for breakfast. (Being homemakery) anyway, I open the oven to get the pot that I needed that I keep stored in there and a mouse started to run out of the oven. I scream, slam the oven door and start hyperventilating lol. I practically barfed. Hubs yelled "WTH???" I scramble into the living room tell him. He kinda made fun of me at that point. Tells me to "shut the lights off", then we went to bed.

So forward to this morning:::I still have to make breakfast, right?? so I brave myself up, open the door to get the pot and BAM!! there he is, the mouse - squished by the oven door. Man-0-man I guess when I slam a door, I really slam a door ha ha ha

Now to the hero part or can you already guess, yep, Hero Hubs to the rescue, he got rid of the mouse without me having to see the remains, or even know he did it. And, the kids had cereal and milk. So, now I've set the oven to clean, and Pizza has been ordered - vegetarian, not into eating meaty protein for dinner (sorry, told ya it was gross!!)


  1. That is hilarious! Who needs a mouse trap when you can just the oven door? LMAO!!

  2. I meant use the oven door, laughin to hard to type correctly...

  3. and here's the rub.....I have 4 cats...they are too well fed cuz, I should NEVER have a mouse in my house - I don't exactly live in the country

  4. LOL! they were all probably just standing there telling each other hey you do it, I got the last one! I hear ya though, my cat is more of a Silvester and not so much a Tom :)


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