Saturday, January 9, 2010

Menu Plan for this week and a guide for the rest of the month

Hi all, I did my shopping on Saturday (see this post) and then,while putting it away, I created a menu for the rest of the month. I will post this menu plan with those from many other of us bloggers at Menu Plan Monday when it opens up.

::This weeks plan::

  • Meatloaf, scalloped pots, green beans - Sunday 1-10-10

  • chicken noodle soup, garlic toast - Thursday 1-14-10

  • beef tacos, fixins, mango - Tuesdsay 1-12-10

  • pancakes, sausage, ?eggs? and mandarins Still available

  • tamale pie, green salad - Thursday 1-21-10

  • alfredo tortollini, steamed brocolli - Monday 1-11-10

  • spaghetti, corn - made lasagna Saturday 1-16-10

  • BBQ pork steaks, BBQ pots, applesauce still available

::Guide for the rest of the month::

  • spaghetti noodle soup and biscuits ++wk3
  • fish sticks, french fries, orange slices

  • beef tacos, fixins, pineapple slices

  • chili cheese dogs, mixed fruit++wk3

  • SOS, steamed carrots ++week 3

  • chicken enchiladas, green salad

  • Au Jus French Dip sammies in CP, fruit salad

  • ham and eggs on toast, fruit/yogurt smoothie++wk 3

  • chicken tacos, fixins, fruit slices++wk3
  • PBJ and canned soup

  • helper, green beans
  • beans and rice, apple slices ++wk3
  • CP beef roast, vegs and pots
  • pizza, salad, Round Table on payday??

I am excited that I got this done and as usual it comes with my disclaimer that Ican change at any time for any reason. I will be changing/updating this as I use the menu items.

I again need to clean out/organize my freezer and pantry for better access and availability. DH put away the canned groceries.

I am looking for a Joe's special recipe(found one) with GB, spinich, & eggs, & a pasta e' fagioli recipe that I like and is easy and is with what I have in my pantry.

Lastly, remember to go see what is going on in Crock Pot Exchange at CafeMom and there as here, I am mom2priceboys.


  1. I'm doing it!! I'm getting links to work, I just did my 1st recipe link. I will be doing this more now hehehe Thanks to Leah at La Vida Cheapo for all her encouragement and advice

  2. Yay!! I'm glad its working for you, I have had my own issues with Blogger so I know how frustrating it can be. See ya tomarrow on the MPM ;)

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