Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doing the coupon thing this morning.

Thanks to all the advice and the gift of the Sunday coupons from my neighbors Sac Bee, I am going to give couponing a serious try. I have them organized per my WinCo aisles.
So, to decide which coupons to pick:: I usually only get the coupons that are for 1 product. For example, we had a choice for $1 off 1 or $3 off 2. I know the $3/2 is a better deal as far as discount but I don't need that 2nd product it tends to create clutter in my house. We do not have a lot of storage, or rather I should say, we are not using our storage wisely.
For food items I tried a few name brand products like Fiber 1 cottage cheese, well, I know that the store brand is cheaper but it is $1 off so that will make it the same as the store brand so why not try it??
Loved the face lift in a box coupon $5 off. I did cut it out because I might find that on sale then I won't feel so bad spending money just on myself hehehe - silly mom guilt
Well, my golden ticket coupon this week in the MANY that I saw was 75 cents off a McCormick's seasonings. I am going through my seasonings as we speak deciding what extravagant one I should get. I love seasonings!!!
So I will be using these coupons some this next week at WM then my big grocery shopping with payday on the 9th. and yes, this time I will be taking and posting pics
Silly sidenote::I was wondering if cutting coupons was the reason my mom gave us when they locked the bedroom door on Sunday mornings?? Just a thought

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  1. I love coupon-ing, but it does take awhile to get organized and make a system that works for you! I hope it goes well!

    By the way baby O's birth story is here: if you are still interested.:)


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