Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shopping Olympics have come and gone for the month of January

Well, It is done. My $250 is spent!! This included lunch at Sani Food deli for $6 (Congrats Ella she and her hubs are expecting after a few years trying) and JIB dinner for $6 also $15 for gas to get to and from Willows to Chico. It was my first experience truly using coupons. Found some great deals,(Yo-Plus yogurt 4 pack was $1.38 had $1 off so 38 cents) trying some new products (JIF crunchy - WinCo out of smooth - had $1 off and we need pb) total coupons saved $6. Well, I guess 6 is the number of the day hahaha

We learned that Grocery Outlet does not accept manufacturer coupons. that was disappointing.(I returned the items - lol) however, when we went to WinCo the items that I did not get at GO were even cheaper at WinCo so I actually saved even more money.

My tally breakdown for this week is:::::::::::::Drum roll please

Sani Food:::$27.60 all food - $21.33 MEAT,misc & 2-99 cent choc chips
Local Food for More but they can have good sales so I appreciate them, oh yeah and the staff is so friendly and the meat guy is cute and funny hahaha-tell em' Julie sent ya

Dollar Tree:::$16.41 - $11 food, $5.41 misc (cleaning items)

Grocery Outlet:::$36.98 - $22.39 food, $14.59 misc (cat food $10)

WinCo:::$132.61 - $127.37 food, $5.25 misc (detergent, incense, dog biscuits)

So I am trying to do this coupon thing, trying to plan better for my family, Focus Julie Focus!!!, all attention is on the prize, when low and behold here comes my boss doing her shopping. (She's so provisional, she brings her own bags, lol)

My Golden Ticket of coupons that I got last week was 75 cents off McCormicks spice, well, I got to use it on a big bottle of Real Vanilla extract - YIPPEE!! One of my frugal budget consessions has been to buy imitation extracts and off brand seasonings so this is such a fun luxery.

There are a few things that I would like from the store (Fresh milk and produce) but if I can't get there we'll be OK!! (Canned fruit and condensed to reconstitute)
Please go here to read and post about this weeks shopping experiences over at GCC.

Now to go complete my menus for the rest of the month and more.....


  1. It is a bummer that the Grocery Outlet don't take coupons, so I usually just by my stinky cheeses there and sometimes they have great deals of produce or coffee:) That is one thing I miss about CA (was born in the San Jaquin Valley, still have bunches of family there), the produce! It is so much fresher and prettier there then it is here.

  2. Hello! I work at Grocery Outlet and ran across this blog post and wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for trying us out!

    I'm curious about the items you found for cheaper at Winco. If you'd feel comfortable sharing, can you say what they were? We're really trying to be the cheapest price in town and getting your feedback would really help.

    Thanks again for shopping at Grocery Outlet!


  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog and posting on my linky.


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