Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pantry Suprise

While digging through the pantry, which yes, I can see through to the back of them, I discovered a box of Quaker Oatmeal Pancake mix that I had gotten at Grocery Outlet about 3 months ago for about a dollar. We tried it and it was good but...well, so here sits a box of pancake mix that needs to be used so I created this::

2 1/3 C pancake mix
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t ginger
2/3 C milk - well, 1/3C milk, 1/3C water - ran out of milk
1/3 C Molasses
1/3 C sour cream (light)
1 egg
good dash of vanilla - loves me the vanilla LOL
Topping ingredients listed below

Mix dry together in larger bowl - put aside about 1/2 C, whisk wet in medium bowl, pour wet into dry, mix together

Put into 8X8 or so size pan these ingredients probably too small for a 9 X 13 but a bundt?? I may try that next time! (That's for you Gina-my friend) And in a bundt, I would put the topping (listed below) in first then the cake mix on top.Yum!!

Mix together set aside dry ingredients with 1/2 C brown sugar, 1/4 C butter (and nuts??) crumble over tops of cake.
Cook 350 a good 30 minutes. Let sugar cool on top then enjoy, it's crumbly at first then soft and spongy a day later.

My boys asked for seconds - they had a 1/8 size piece for their after school snack with some hot cocoa - it was really raining today yet Hubs and I walked to get taxes done. We get a small return, Yippee!!More money for the car down payment savings. Walking to work in the rain stinks!! Silver Lining:: I have a job to walk to, I can walk to my job, My job is close enough to walk to - take your pick I know I am blessed!!

As usual, I have this linked to the Panty Challenge I love reading what everybody is doing with their challenges.

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  1. My grama told me that a little extra vanilla never killed no one, LOL :)


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